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Representative Garrard Introduces Memorial to Congress

On Behalf of Klamath County Farmers


Salem, OR – State Representative Bill Garrard (R-Klamath Falls) introduced House Memorial 2 on the house floor today, encouraging Congress to amend the Endangered Species Act to allow for more flexibility in its implementation. The memorial also encourages a reevaluation of the biological opinion on the Lost River sucker fish.

 “Blanket policies imposed by the federal government do not work well at the local level,” said Representative Garrard. “The Endangered Species Act is hurting our communities, and decisions are made without taking account of the effect on the local economy.”

 The decision by the Bureau of Reclamation to deliver less than fifteen percent of the normal delivery of water to the Klamath Project sacrifices more than $65 million in farm income and risks more than $45 million in secondary income to the local community.

 The memorial also quotes Governor John Kitzhaber’s January 2000 speech at Oregon State University. “I have experienced over and over again the fact that an approach which involves private landowners in the decision-making -- which gives them some ownership and investment in the work being done -- has a greater and more immediate positive impact on the resource than simply applying regulations that tell them what to do.”

 “I believe that Oregon is capable of developing and implementing policies that balance the preservation of endangered species and the livelihood of Oregon’s communities,” said Representative Garrard.


For more information, contact Rep. Bill Garrard at 503-986-1453.