Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

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International News:
Water war 'killing farmers'   The Observer, UK, 7/29   story link

Officer Redfield put on leave, Herald and News,   see story

Thanks to Rusty Humpheries for the Radio Show last night

Summerís struggles grip farmer,   Herald and News, 7/29  story link 

See report on Friday night's activities   ( If you can add to the reports, email  ) 

Attention farmers: KID is asking everyone to watch their canals. If you see problems, give the Irrigation district a call and let them know. They are hoping that everyone will be patient and let the canals get primed before starting to pump water (about a week)  see photos of canal debris

Rebuttals needed!  Read this opinion Seattle Times, by Reed Benson 7/27
One rebuttal from Mike Connelly  see letter, Comment: from Marcia Armstrong  see letter 
Echoes of our founding fathers, from Wilton Byrum see letter 
Letter from Montana ... see letter    Rebuttal from Todd R. Greer

Klamath protest goes beyond water, Capital Press July 27th   story link

Want to help? read this real letter, you can send some too.   see letter

Water fight engulfs parched Northwest   Chicago Tribune   story link
Klamath water wars: systems out of sync, Christian Science Monitor  story link 
SoCal Water Resources News   see web page
Full version of the Redfield Letter   see what the fuss is over  see letter

Headlines: July 26th
Water begins flowing to Klamath Basin farmers .. Union Tribune and AP   story link   
Klamath convoy gains momentum, support   The Daily Inter Lake     story link  
Officer faces review from Headgate Statement  Herald and News 7/26  story link 

Klamath Project Deliveries to Benefit Wildlife
Cloverleaf Stewardship Group in Langell Valley,  Press Release July 26th
Statement from Tulelake Growers Association response to Norton  July 26th

Klamath Basin: A Community in Crisis,    From "Agriculture Quarterly"     story link

Headgates opened Wednesday July 25th about 10:30 A.M.

Letter from Camp Headgate, thanks to the author
Yesterday at the Gates see Photos from Linda     link
See Updated Photo Essay,  thanks Norm      link

For Immediate Release: Klamath Water Users Association Statement regarding Norton's announcement     see REVISED press release 

75,000 acre feet of water in not enough says F.A.R.M   see press release

Update from community organizations in Klamath Basin  see report

Montana is on the way to help, see story

Read ONRC's cute little press release from July 24th

Editorial by Mike Connelly, "Lawbreakers"   July 25th

Headlines today:
Farmers to get much-needed water, Los Angeles Times, see story
Oregon farmers skeptical about water release  Spokesman-Review  story link 
Compromise needed to survive water wars   Statesman Journal  story link 
U.S. to Release Water to Parched Oregon Farms  Washington Post  story link 
Ore. Farms Get Dollop Of Federal Water  CBS News   story link

F. A. R. M. will be having a "Steak and Bake" on Friday 7/27/01 at 5:00pm. At the headgates
The Old-time Fiddlers will be performing at 5pm and dinner immediately following.
there will be an auction and other activities. Please come out and support your local community. Proceeds will benefit F.A.R.M. (Farmers Against Regulatory Madness) 

Range magazine supplement featuring the Klamath Basin Water Crisis. Is in the stores now.
There are some great interviews from local folks and local photos. Wonderful information for anyone who owns property or those interested in what is happening to America. This publication is available at Big R stores in Klamath Falls, Redmond, and White City...and American Feed and Farm Supply in Klamath Falls. And Papa-T's in Malin. Get these copies while they last...GET INFORMED!!! 
Each of these stores ordered extra copies, but still may not last long.  

See All the Stories from yesterday, as reported here  News from July 24th
Norton's Trickle:  Way too little, Way to late

See: F.A.R.M. reaction to the Norton announcement .. see press release

Montana Convoy to help Oregon farmers   see story

This is a lake ???? 

News and Photos from the Headgates, Tuesday July 24

headlines today: July 24th 

Klamath Sheriff Urges Federal Police to Leave Headgates  KGW 7/23  story link

Dreams Dry Up in Klamath Basin, Los Angeles Times 7/23  story link

Farmers to fight minnow action, Oklahoman, July 20th  story link
it's happening all over

News From the Gates for July 22nd   see the news  and Photos

News from the Gates, July 21st  see stories and Photos  
Sheriff Evinger asks feds to leave, story still in progress

Klamath Sheriff To Demand Feds Leave Area, Sierra Times,  story link
Also read "Why the Left Will Ultimately Lose in America"

"Kill the Land"  Our Song by Brian D. Burns, donated to the cause
   ... written just for Klamath Crisis, Thanks Brian ( MP3, or real audio ) Link

"CARA" Land Grab Vote on Wednesday!  All out Alert ! 
from American Land Rights Association see story and how you can help

OOPS  Experts Say Upper Klamath Lake Water Levels Higher Than Expected,   See AP Story at KGW   story link,  KATV Channel 2 TV story

Hay Convoy starting in N. Oregon gearing up to relieve Basin 

House OKs funds for Klamath farmers,    see story

Charge !  the Klamath Basin Cavalry Rides, July 20 ..  see story

Your 2 cents, vote in online poll .... http://gogov.com/
We could use your 2 cents.

Klamath Falls' invisible foe, by Henry Lamb   .. story link

Move Over, Klamath Falls--Texas has it's own Water Wars!
July 21, 2001 - by Shonda Ponder      story link

Our First Political Cartoon from GOPUSA .... you will like it.. 

Glimmer of Hope for Endangered Farmers and Their Communities
By Pat Taylor, CNSNews.com Correspondent, June 18, 2001 story link

See All the News from the Gates , updates, stories and photos

Broken Promise Land Revisited by Diane Alden, July 17, 2001  see article

Headgate tensions ease, Herald and News, Kehn Gibson, April 19th   Story Link
  Note: H&N Story links change, to the archives in the afternoon, 

 KWUA response to Kitzhaber plan, see press release

Headlines Yesterday:
Mixed reviews for Kitzhaber plan Herald and News, 07/19/01story link

Protesters to take to horseback on Friday  Herald and News story link

Give up project, Klamath County tells feds, Law firm retained to study transfer of the Klamath Reclamation Project  Herald and News story link

Yes to Suckerfish. No to Humans.  Endangered Species Act Endangers Klamath Falls Farmers    By Tom DeWeese   story link

Tulelake Growers Association, asks for new members, see details

Klamath Crisis Resource Center, for Klamath Basin Residents
People who need information, People who have information
People who need help and  People who want to help   see details

Letters of Support from Around the Country

Range magazine, Special Issue to focus on our Water Crisis and Private Property takings, to hit stands soon, for Klamath folks, extra issues have purchased and will be available at American Feed and Farm Supply in Klamath Falls and Big R stores in Klamath Falls, Redmond, and White City. 

Action Alert:  
The ONRC ( Oregon Natural Resources Council )  is fighting hard to keep the water from the farmers, run the farmers off the land,  learn who they are, the kinds of actions they take, See their recent Action Alert !! and their site.

Farmers in for the long haul, Herald and News, July 17th

The Day the Basin Died
See the original press release from the Bureau of Reclamation
that announced the water to be cut off,  April 6th, 2001    see release

July 13th to 15th, Turning on the Water:  See the story as reported here, 

Photos, people at the Headgates, setting up the pump and pipe, overview of site
Great letter from Ray, drove over from Ontario, OR for the activities

If you are having trouble finding detailed information try this site too: Klamath Crisis

Photo Essay by Friend and Supporter of the Basin, well done  ( link)

July 16th headlines:  with story links
Protesting Farmers Divert Water to Canal, Los Angeles Times   
Oregon farmers defy federal order, USA Today
Farmers pump water from Ore. lake  Arizona Star Daily ( the AP story ) 
Klamath Basin protest takes new route, Oregonian
Klamath Falls Farmers Run Irrigation Line to Parched Canal, FoxNews     
Klamath livelihoods wither, SF Chronicle    

Special Klamath Basin Update, from Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch

Want to Help? See how your Senator voted on S.Amdt. 899 to H.R. 2217
Get on the ones in your state.   see amendment, and the vote

    Previous news and updates, prior to July 13th

Klamath Basin Groups hire Marzulla & Marzulla law firm to sue the Feds
Press Release by Klamath Basin Crisis News Team, July 12, 2001  see release

Smith Proposes to Temporarily Reinstate Prior Upper Klamath Lake Biological Opinion, see press release issued today  July 12th

Farmers Get Ally in Fight for Water, Senator Gordon Smith
Los Angeles Times July 12th, by Eric Bailey  story link

Thoreau the Bums Out    Wall Street Journal Editorial
Oregon's farmers embrace civil disobedience. Will it be so long, sucker fish?
 by Kimberley A. Strassel, Thursday, July 12   see story  read this !!

U.S. Senate OKs aid for Klamath  see story

City of Klamath Falls  offers $100,000 to farmersí cause      see story

Washington Post .. Today
Evicted by Environmentalists, By Michael Kelly, Wednesday, July 11  (link)

The Bell Tolls, Horror Story in Klamath Falls, By: Phil Brennan   story link

Fish's deaths will benefit food bank on the Coho Surplus,   Bill Monroe in the Oregonian 

Klamath Waterfowl May Move Sooner, See Story by T.J. Burnham

Sheriff defends watching canal opening
 StatesmanJournal, APJuly 9th  (story link)

Gale Norton on the Environment,  Time Magazine, time.com  July 6  (story link)

Washington Times:  Farmers turn to 'God squad'  
Monday July 9th by Audrey Hudson  (story link) 

Washington Post  Sunday , AP War Over Water   story link
This AP story is being run today in many newspapers  see link

Letters of Support from around the country ( a few samples ) ( 7/7/01)

"Homesteaders",  See the real Stories with Photos  that show some of the Americans that the pro eco-activists are trying to destroy ..
Take the time to read these stories, 

Photo Story on Tulelake Fairgrounds, no water, and a solution

Food Assistance: Pantry Sites and Schedules   Oregon Health Plan info
Also see Oregon Adult and Family Services for Assistance (link) 
Tulelake-Newell Local Assistance Center



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