Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

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A rebuttal to Aug16th News Story on KOBI TV Channel 10  see rebuttal

Klamath farmer sympathizers gather for rally in Willows   Story link

Oregon governor warns of Columbia water crisis, Seattle Post-Intelligencer  story link

Smith backs 'the good fight', visits Basin   Herald and News see story

Smith Announces USDA Plan for Distributing $20 Million to Klamath Farmers
see press release  August 17th
Payments to Landowners Will Begin Soon Under Plan, press release, USDA 

THE GOOD AMERICANS is Klamath Falls the Well Spring of a new Sage Brush Rebellion? by Patty Wentz,  Willamette Weekly Online   story link  
Rebuttal opportunity

Own a piece of history, the bidding has started 
Buckets from the Bucket Brigade are being auctioned  see details

Convoys Roll to Help Farmers, LA Times, August 17th   story link

Convoy to Stop in Tracy, CA    Stockton's  Record.net   story link  

Caravans of support head to Klamath Falls,  Spokesman-Review, AP  story link

A shortage of water pits farmer against fish, Boston Globe,  story link
Rebuttal opportunity 

Rogue Valley (Medford, OR area) deliverers 26,000 pounds of food to Klamath Food bank
Thank you area churches and the Oregon Republican Party

Thank you Twin Falls, Idaho ..... Auction, benefits Klamath  see more

Tri-Citians gather support for farmers, Thanks, folks.     story link

Government officials will meet with those 
seeking solutions for the Klamath Basin  see story    

Officials weigh proposals for Klamath Basin, Oregonian 8/14  see story

Norton's Trickle: Water may be shut off again as early as August 23rd?

Washington exempts itself from the ESA,  Washington Times editorial

As drought continues, the federal government wades into a bitter Northwest water fight,      Chronicle,  AP, August 14th   story link

Green Republicans Attempt to Organize in Oregon, KGW, AP story link

Sledgehammered, Chronicle Letter to the Editor,   see letter
by Bill Pauli,President, California Farm Bureau response to "It's not just fish vs.people," Aug. 7

Advice to Klamath Convoys  By Jeffrey Bennett, Sierra Times  Aug.13th (link)

Herald and News August 2001: They're on their way. Two of the three truck convoys bringing encouragement and dollars to the Klamath Basin have departed their respective jump-off points, and the third is scheduled to leave soon. they are coming to support farmers in the Klamath Basin affected by the federal government's decision to shut off water to farmers in the basin to save endangered fish. A convoy from Elko, Nev. will head north into Utah and Idaho before turning south in to Washington and Oregon. In addition to carrying donated items that will be auctioned off at the Event Center at the Klamath County Fairgrounds, the Elko convoy is carrying a huge bucket that will be placed on the lawn of the Klamath County Courthouse.

Blood on their Hands by Ralph Hostetter   see opinion

The Death Toll of Environmentalism  By Robert Tracinski  see opinion

ENVIRONMENT: Fish, farms and fires  Florida Times-Union see opinion

Klamath Water Foundation formed & "Farm Aid" Support  see H&N story
Klamath Water Foundation   see details   

Willie Nelson and Farm Aid Announce Support for the
Klamath Basin and the Klamath Water Foundation    CNS.news story

Overdrawn in the Klamath Basin, Opinion by Steve Pedery of WaterWatch 
Chronicle opinion link        Looks like a rebuttal opportunity  

Prayer for Week of August 10th  By Jeanie Arant - farm family member in the Mt. Laki area

 Notes from Animal Rights Conference, by Jim Beers    "good reading"

Klamath irrigation districts will release water to refuges
Oregonian August 9th  see story

Water being bought to help bald eagles in Oregon's drought-parched Klamath Basin By Jeff Barnard, AP  8/9/01 6:58 AM  see story
More water being released for eagles in drought-plagued Klamath Basin
see story just in from AP writer Jeff Barnard Aug. 8th 5:30 P.M.
See response from Horsefly Irrigation District   see press release

Agriculture & Resources Update From Congressman Greg Walden

AgDay will air a special report. 3-part series about the water issue in the Klamath Basin. Wed., Aug. 8th, Thurs, Aug. 9th, & Fri., Aug. 10th: Klamath Basin  KOTI TV (Channel 2) at 5:30 A.M.    Ag Day online at http://www.agday.com 

Chronicle Opinion Page: "It's not just fish vs. people"   see opinion

A Letter from a Southern California Commercial Fisherman  see letter

News from the Front #54:  James Buchal, August 7, 2001

Groups sue to get water for eagles on Oregon wildlife refuge
Sacramento Bee, AP  story link

Conservationists File Legal Action to Save Klamath Basin Bald Eagles
see press release  comments anyone?  see link to their damning photo page

So Simple, It'll Take Your Breath Away, satire, Washington Post, see story

FreeRepublic protests at the White House for Klamath Basin  see story

The Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA) presented a plan to participants in the court led federal mediation in Medford this week.  see press release  August 2nd

When the Eagles Return,  commentary from Diane Alden Aug. 3, 2001

Mike Connelly's reply to Michael Milstein of the Oregonian  see story 
See Milstein's article  

Norton Wants Review of Klamath Case, AP, Aug. 2nd,   see story  

Greenies Criticize Norton's Decision to 'De-Water' Wildlife Refuge see story
Needs a rebuttal ... Didn't they hear yet?  They helped get the water shut off ... 

Endangered Fish Policy May Have Cost Firefighters' Lives
story links:  Foxnews.com  dailynews.yahoo.com  AP  Rocky Mountain News

The Green Cancer, By Geoff Metcalf,  see article

Green Fascism, How Ecological Extremists Seek To Curtail Freedom
Edward Zehr, In the Washington Weekly,  this is about the Klamath Crisis  see article

New problems fester in water dispute, SF Chronicle Aug. 1    story link
look for new announcements regarding this situation, later today

Puget Sound Gillnetters Association, Statement of support and apology 

More support from commercial fishermen: 
Farmers and Fishermen unite!  Coalition of Coastal Fisheries see letter

Humans vs. fish at Klamath Falls, Phyllis Schlafly, August 1st   story link

Release of Klamath water was illegal, says Oregon Audubon official
see his letter to the editor, then go read Audubon's reply to Ford,  have a good laugh, then think about what you can do.  See Rebuttal letter from Chris 8/1

Cartoon of the week: EPA in the Classroom

Merrill Center still expanding services, Herald and News 7/29  story link

Marni Morrow: She is the Native American that broke her leg very seriously 
on the cavalry ride on July 17th. The Tribe cannot cover all of the 
costs to fix her leg. You can help

Farmers Seek to Assist the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
Klamath Water Users Association       Press Release  July 31

See map of Klamath Project, with flow rates, ( click on labels, don't all work)  link 

Dividing the waters: Feds must forge Klamath basin compromise
editorial in Sacrament Bee, July 29   see editorial   rebuttals needed
rebuttal from Chris, 7/30  rebuttal by Wilton Byrum 7/31

Real Commercial Fishermen Support Farmers    read this opinion (link)
see the whole "The Politically Incorrect Fish" more Klamath articles

Drip drop, drip drop, drip ...drop dead ..   
Great Article, from Barbara Simpson,  July 30th   read it   story link

Ford Motor Company replies, to Basin letter
Includes responses from Earthwatch and Audubon  see letters

Klamath Issues, Updates from Oregon  Department of Agriculture  see update


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