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 Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

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"How can God let this happen?" Prayer and thoughts 
Dorothy Sayers, read it on the Prayer page

Federal officers leave A Canal headgates, H&N 9/26  story link
.............. but now there are private armed guards at the gates?  

Smith Offers Klamath Basin Proposals to Norton, press release 9/26  see release

Klamath Water Babies, Anti-Government farmers wouldn't have prospered without federal  handouts, by Jeffery St. Clair   story link   Comments, rebuttals needed
See Comment #1    Rebuttal #1    Rebuttal #2   Comment #2   (full) Rebuttal #3

 Battle Against Terrorism Has an Agricultural Price, By Jodi Wilgoren  see story  

Kitzhaber Urges Appeal of Coho Delisting Decision    story link

Update on Klamath from the Oregon Department  of Agriculture  see update

Merle West Medical Center makes $100,000 in medical relief available to families in the Basin effected by the water shortage .... see more infomation

Students in the Basin Get $100 gift certificates,  Thank you Crystal Springs Foundation and the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, and Fred Meyers     see story

Klamath: Creative Writing and the Law, by Sean Finnegan, Sierra Times 9/19  story link

Greens Rally to Flag, Run for Cover,  CounterPunch.com  9/14  see story

Coho Salmon Delisted, End of the Farce  see press release  9/13
Judge throws out threatened species listing,  
AP, 9/13  see story

But wait: Are Coho even Native to the Klamath River?  .... see fish page !!
A fishing story: Coho Fishing Trip story,  by local homesteader  see story

Judge Hogan Hits a Homer: Oregon Coastal Coho Listing Is Unlawful
Explanation of Coho Decision, by James L. Buchal,   9/14   see story

Farmers Deliver Water to Klamath Refuge .. See Press Release  9/13

North Idaho group plans relief fund for farmers, Coeur d'Alene, story link

Photos from Camp Headgate, September 12th
 ... residents move out from inside fence .... see photo page  
Protesters offer to end standoff at headgates,  H&N  9/12 story link
Klamath water protesters dismantle head-gate camp,  AP    story link

Klamath: National Crisis Brings Both Sides To Agreement,  Sierra Times, story 

Sign ups run until October 5th
The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced today that it will conduct a signup for enrollment in the $20 million Klamath Basin Water Conservation Program starting Monday, September 10, 2001  see details

Satellite Photos, Klamath Basin, Last year, this year ...   link   Must see
Note: photos were taken in mid June, what would the photos look like if taken a month later? 

Opinion: Strike while Klamath is hot, Oregonian 9/9/  story link    comments?

The mother of all frivolous lawsuits,  says Zeke Grader, PCFFA Executive Director
Oh... and he also thinks farmers got plenty of water  ...... See Story   comments? 

Federal Fish Rules Hook Other Fauna, by Pat Taylor, InsightMag.com  see story

HOTLINE, March 7, 1994, Andy Kerr on the warpath, High Country News story link,  
Another: Wallowa County Chieftain, Oct 28, 1999  story link     see more here

Why property is important, by By Joseph Farah,   see story   good reading

Siege of the Tortoise, by Tim Findley, Range Magazine   story link

Sen. Gordon  Smith suggests a Klamath Czar, AP, 9/7  see story

Environmentalists to sue US and industry for Global Warming on behalf of the World 
a lawyer for Pacific Legal Foundation, called the approach "nuts."  see story

American Land Conservancy offers plan for balancing water
By Jeff Barnard, The Associated Press, 9/6/01 3:50 PM    see story   Comments? 


Wyden, bankers duped by ALC,  9/2   Herald & News,   See story 
Response to this article from one ALC supporter   see letter to the editor   Comments? 

Government arranges water to restore marsh habitat  for one 
month for Klamath Basin eagles,  AP, Barnard, 9/5   story link    
Water for Lower Klamath Refuge, Eagles,  AP,  Lee Juillerat  9/5  see story

Seattle Weekly Editorial, "Klamath Crisis" and rebuttal ( from ONRC ? )  see stories 
Interesting on both sides ... comments?    see Rebuttal by Mike Connelly

Remember this article: "Rural Cleansing"    see article

Martin, Thomson appear in court on Restraining Order   see story  9/4

Portland City Council, defends donations to ONRC, reaches out to Klamath  story link

Wood and Kerr to sue city of Klamath Falls 
They  charge Lt. Redfield’s comments violated their civil rights,  see story  9/4
See AP storysee full text of Redfield's letter he read on July 25th at the headgates
( Andy Kerr brags about all the death threats he's received over the past, ... great, Andy ) 
I think all should take a step back and read the letters and see the photos from a few of the veterans that homesteaded here after WWII .. see the stories  we are losing track of the basics... 

The Klamath Basin crisis: A need for property rights,   ( good reading) 
By John A. Charles of Cascade Policy Institute,   story link

Unconstitutional origins of the Endangered Species Act, 
by Michael Coffman, Ph.D.   see article

Whatever happened to free speech?  by Joseph Farah    story link  9/4

Prayer for September 3rd by Christine Hankins, farmer-ranchers from Bonanza.

Climbing the Fence at Klamath Falls,      by Ed Zehr   see story

 Photos from the Headgates, September 3rd

Salmon-fishing tribe has no problems with Klamath ruling, 
Chronicle and AP   ( the numbers of Salmon are interesting )   story link

Who's Teaching Your Kids About The Environment?   CNS, see story

Are Klamath farmers guinea pigs? by Joseph Farah    story link  8/27

Klamath water dispute: Suckers vs. people or alfalfa vs. people?  9/1
By Larry Shumaker -in theUnion Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA  story link
this could use some rebuttal,   Rebuttal #1    Rebuttal #2

More Federal police to guard gates at Klamath Project,   AP,  story link
see our own photo
, by Sue .. , by Sue .. , by Sue .. , by Sue .. , by Sue .. , by Sue ..  

Local Media: 
Protesters digging in, By Kehn Gibson,  H&N 8/31   story link  
Ag official gets look at drought, By Anita Burke,  H&N 8/31   story link  
Lawsuit: Environmentalists conspired John Bragg, H&N 8/31   story link
Wyden will take part in mediation, John Bragg, H&N 8/31   story link  
Protesters make canal claim, By Kehn Gibson,  H&N 8/30   story link
Canal activists cross the fence, By Anita Burke,  H&N 8/30   story link   

Envirobamboozled, by Walter Williams ( green strategies, global warming ) story link 
great word Walter ....

Farmers eyewitness accounts from the headgates   see letter   and another

Klamath lawsuit claims conspiracy to shut off water to farmers
AP by Jeff Barnard, SF Chronicle,  thanks Jeff for the link    story link

People are climbing over the fence, at the Headgates, the headgates are not being opened, all is peaceful at this time....   6:00 P.M. 8/29      At least 300 are over the fence ... Evinger arrives and opens the compound gate, now all are going in.... 6:30 P.M. 8/29

Photos from the Headgates, August 29th    see photo page

Headlines: from the headgates: 
AP report on Klamath action at headgates 8/29 11:26 P.M.   see story
Sierra Times  full story, by Sean Finnegan at the gates  8/30
Farmers occupy federal water site,   MSNBC .... story link     8/30

See headgate updates on:  FreeRepublic Forum 

Clearing up water issues on Klamath Basin,  8/29, Michael Milstein, story link
Rebuttal Opportunity to the Oregonian

Water struggle spills into town ( Bonanza ),  8/29, Michael Milstein, story link
More to this story than is reported above, more coming 

Klamath claims by environmentalists, blasted in suit, SacBee,    story link

Klamath Falls: Tough Decisions at the Headgates, 
Sierra Times,  by Sean Finnegan,  August 29th    story link

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife gets new chairman   8/29
McCracken out, Esler in ( manager at Portland General Electric )   see story

See Marcia Armstrong's Letter in the SF Chronicle  link  

Researchers link salmon surge to weather shift,  AP see story

Klamath: Farmers Plan Headgate Meeting To Prove Ownership
Sierra Times .... story link    ?         8/28

Klamath County Commissioners Lambaste Portland, over ONRC Grant,  H&N,  see story 

A few "Freedom Day" Photos,   see photos   8/27

West makes a battle cry of Klamath Basin  Christian Science Monitor story link

E-Coli Found in Southern Oregon Wells,     KGW and AP   story link

Water users suite to be filed August 31st     see Kehn Gibson story

Convergence at Klamath Falls, How The Mainstream Media Soft Pedal A Big Story, Interesting commentary from Edward Zehr , "Washington Weekly"  story link  8/27

Sacramento may get more waterfowl -- Klamath Basin, reeling from water
cutbacks, might not be able to handle flyway traffic.  SacBee  story link  good reading

First Geese Arrive in Basin Confused,  see letter

More Headlines August 25th
Officials Cut Off Flow of Water to Farmers, LA Times  story link 
Klamath Basin water cut again, CNN  story link 
Government cuts off farm water again in Oregon, ENN, By Reuters,    story link 

And Here's one you'll like, rebuttals needed?
It's Not About Choosing Fish or Farms, By Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.  story link

Headgates are Closed ... happened about 5:30 A.M. August 23rd
Klamath Falls: Irrigation Pipes Laid After Headgates Close, KOIN, story link
Tension High as Feds Stop Klamath Water, Jo McIntyre, CNSNews.com  story link
Feds close headgates,   By Kehn Gibson, H&N   story link 
Federal officials hold back water for fish in Oregon,  AP, Barnard story link 
Feds Reclose Klamath Headgates, Fox News, story link

KLAMATH WATER RIGHTS testing the resolve of free Americans, 
Opinion by Dorothy Anne Seese  8/23   see article

High and Dry in the Klamath Basin, by William Jasper, see story

Thank You
To all those who participated in the Convoys and all the auctions and events. You put in your time, money, heart and soul into helping the Basin's farmers and ranchers.  You will not be forgotten.

Demonstrators hope irrigation water can be shut off peacefully,  AP  story link

Freedom Day:  The Klamath farmers fight on, 
Kimberly Strassel, Wall Street Journal  see story

Headlines August 22:
Water to stop flowing Tomorrow ....H&N    story link
Fish and Wildlife, BOR continue to wrangle over guidelines  H&N   story link
Convoy draws peaceful crowd   H&N   story link 

Morning Headlines, August 22nd: 
Thousands of Klamath farm supporters rally,  Statesman Journal,  story link
Hundreds Gather For Klamath Falls 'Freedom Day'    KOIN TV  story link    
Convoy arrives in Klamath Falls, Ore., AP, Barnard   story link
Anger boils without water in Oregon, USA Today    story link
Klamath Falls Helen Chenowith-Hage speech (Real Audio)( mp3 )( text
Researchers to study human impact of water management, AP story link

August 21st:
Convoy: Hundreds turn out for auction in Medford  see photos
Schedule for Convoy Events in Klamath Falls August 20 - 21

Own a piece of history, the bidding has started 
Buckets from the Bucket Brigade are being auctioned  see details

Rural Cleansing,   Wall Street Journal  7/26/01  see article
Everybody should read this,  especially dues paying members of green groups

Destination: Klamath Falls! Convoys deliver hope, support to beleaguered farmers    by Sarah Foster in WorldNetDaily  story link

THE GOOD AMERICANS is Klamath Falls the Well Spring of a new Sage Brush Rebellion? by Patty Wentz,  Willamette Weekly Online   story link  
Rebuttal opportunity

Government officials will meet with those 
seeking solutions for the Klamath Basin  see story    

Officials weigh proposals for Klamath Basin, Oregonian 8/14  see story

Washington exempts itself from the ESA,  Washington Times editorial

Klamath Water Foundation formed & "Farm Aid" Support  see H&N story
Klamath Water Foundation   see details   

Willie Nelson and Farm Aid Announce Support for the
Klamath Basin and the Klamath Water Foundation    CNS.news story

Norton Wants Review of Klamath Case, AP, Aug. 2nd,   see story  

Endangered Fish Policy May Have Cost Firefighters' Lives
story links:  Foxnews.com  dailynews.yahoo.com  AP  Rocky Mountain News

The Green Cancer, By Geoff Metcalf,  see article

Puget Sound Gillnetters Association, Statement of support and apology 

Farmers Seek to Assist the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
Klamath Water Users Association       Press Release  July 31

Real Commercial Fishermen Support Farmers    read this opinion (link)
see the whole "The Politically Incorrect Fish" more Klamath articles


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