Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

           Archive 6 ..   unsorted from about 9/26   to   11/1    2001

California gives $8 million to Basin farmers, H&N Anita Burke story link 10/30

Klamath headgate steps become museum exhibit,  H&N  10/29   story link
Klamath Water Fight Makes Exhibit at County Museum, AP, KGW  story link

Lower Klamath and Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge Management
Letter from Tulelake Growers association to Congressman Wally Herger  see letter

Relief payments reach Basin farmers,  H&N Anita Burke  story link 

Siskiyou County Cattlemen's Association Coho Resolution, 
In opposition to the proposed listing of coho salmon north of San Francisco as an endangered species under the California Endangered Species Act.
This is a petition that all can sign.   Read and sign the Petition  ( link ) 

Plan for Klamath Farmers Fizzles,   AP, KGW   10/27  story link

Interdisciplinary panel to review Klamath water shut-off decision
National Academy of Sciences will meet Nov. 6-8 in Sacramento, 
to hear from the public       AP, Jeff Barnard, 10/23   see story   story link

University of California Peer Review of Sucker Opinion, 
Oregonian, Michael Milstein 10/24  see story

Farmers' Support Group Fights Federal Fish Protection  AP 10/24  story link

Committee prepares to distribute Bucket Brigade funds, 10/23 H&N, story link

See the Coho Delisting Petition from seven Klamath Basin residents, 
prepared by James Buchal see full text   See Klamath Residents Press Release 10/19

Feds Want Dialogue With Klamath Farmers, Barnard, AP 10/19  story link

Defend Judge's Common Sense Salmon Ruling     story link
Letter writing idea from CSE ...   also see Oregonians in Action for more

Abundant Species Act,  Campaign for Change,   see web site
this seems like an interesting idea... comments welcome

R.J. Smith on the Klamath Water Crisis, in Sierra Times 10/17 story link

Thanks to all that made the Bucket Auction a success, 
We had bids on all buckets, total bid amount was $3450.00  

Farmers sue for damages,     H&N 10/12   story link
Farmers' new lawsuit claims irrigation shut-off was a taking,  AP, Barnard, 10/13  story link

Klamath farmers drop lawsuit and mediation process, AP Barnard see story

Officials report barely enough Basin water for fish, H&N By Todd Kepple  story link

Half-measures in the Klamath Valley, Essay by Vin Suprynowicz  essay link

The Fish and Wildlife Service has considered information gathered in our conference call October 5, 2001 with representatives from the Klamath Tribes, the Hoopa, Yurok, and Karuk tribes, the California Department of Fish and Game, Bureau of Reclamation and its water users, and National Marine Fisheries Service and concurs that the Bureau of Reclamation should increase river flows, as measured at Iron Gate Dam, to 1300 cfs as soon as possible and that Upper Klamath Lake levels should not go below 4139 ft  ( email from Jean Elder to Bob Davis, forwarded  to KWUA ) 

Farmer assistance signups fall short,  Barnard, AP, H&N 10/6  story link

Senators offer Klamath Basin aid package, warn it is longshot   H&N link  10/3
Senators seek funds for Basin, AP, Jeff Barnard   story link 

Outside Group to Review Status of 3 Klamath Fish Species
By Eric Bailey,  Los Angles Times, October 3, 2001      see story

Groups Join Fight for Wild Coho Protection  10/3    see story

Too Many Steelhead, So Little Time, Say fish Managers see story at:  NW Fishletter

Refuges get well water   H&N By ANITA BURKE, 9/28  see story

Bureau of Reclamation buys more water for wildlife refuge .. see story 

Smith realigns priorities in wake of terrorist attack, Kitzhaber decision  AP story  9/30

Sacramento diocese postpones environmental conference under fire!   see story

Funding for Farms Now Uncertain, By Philip Brasher, AP Farm Writer 9/26, story

Ruling on coho listing endangers other fish listings
by Jonathan Brinkman, Oregonian, 9/27  see story

News from the Front #56, Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association Petitions for Delisting Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead,   James Buchal, 9/28   story link 

Irrigators File Petition To Delist Seven Basin Stocks, by Barry Espenson,   story

The enduring Endangered Species Act 
Opinion by Paul Larmer, High Country News,   9/24        see opinion

Secretary Norton Announces Cooperative Effort to Provide Water for Lower Klamath and Tulelake National Wildlife Refuges  see story   9/26  READ


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