Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

               Archive 8       January - February,  2002

Science panel to meet in Medford, by Anita Burke, H&N, 2/28  story link 

Water ! ?   See the  BOR Press Release It has a link to the final BA  ( PDF ) 
"Based on the proposed action in the Assessment and projected water conditions in the Klamath Basin, it is anticipated that unlike last year, water will be delivered to Klamath Project farmers in 2002."        anticipated ?   comments are welcome 

NAS Hearing - Medford, Endangered and Threatened Fishes in the Klamath River Basin, March 7, 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., Rogue Regency Inn, March 8 All Day Field Trip Iron Gate, Iron Gate Hatchery, Klamath River, Shasta River;   see agenda and more 

Oregon Farmers Win Reprieve in Suckerfish Water War
The BOR announced Wednesday that beleaguered farmers will be receiving water this year in time for the planting season,  By William LaJuenesse, Fox News, 2/27  story link 

Feds expect to deliver water to Oregon farmers this year
Jeff Barnard, AP, 2/27  2:19 P.M.  SF Chronicle   story link

Wells in California threaten to leave Oregon town dry, ( Malin, Klamath Basin ) 
by Michael Milstein, Oregonian, 2/27, story link ,
( note this story broke here ) 

Siskiyou County group hires Biologist to counter "junk science" 
Siskiyou Daily News, 2/27    story link 
        (  archived version

Real Americans, Where they are, What they do, 
By Dorothy Anne Seese, in Sierra Times 2/27  story link 

National Academy of Sciences panel to tour Klamath Basin
The Associated Press, 2/27/02 5:45 PM, Oregonian ... see news flash  ( link will change )  

Wilderness Group Says Three Area Sites Threatened 
Associated Press/MSL Staff, 2/27,   story link    here we go again .. comments? 

Conservationists, commercial fisherman to defend Klamath River salmon
Thirteen environmental groups want to intervene in lawsuit by Pacific Legal Foundation 
Newswire, projo.com, 2/26  story link     Comments welcome ..  see discussion forum

GOP fights idea that might aid fish, farms, Opinion by Larry Swisher,
in the Eugene Register-Guard ( of course ), 2/26  story link     comments, see forum

Wyden ‘likes what he sees’ from locals, Local suggestions on $175 million aid package will be included in Wyden’s farm bill debate, 
By Anita Burke, H&N, 2/26  story link    Comments, please  

Scientific review vital on decisions dealing with water, By Douglas K. Whitsett, Guest columnist, H&N 2/25        story link      good reading

Eagles best emphasis for local refuges? 
By Henry Christensen, Guest columnist, 2/25  H&N,  story link     good reading  

Judge Overturns 'Critical Habitat' of 2 Species, LA Times, 2/26  story link

Fish Tales, Here's the latest addition to the endangered species list: scientists. 
Wall Street Journal Editorial, 2/27   on the forum 
"Agency officials have complained that such reviews are costly and time-consuming"  quote from article

SMITH FOCUSES ON OREGON AG, NATURAL RESOURCE ISSUES, Bush Administration Will Appoint Oregonian to Ag Advisory Committee, 2/22   see press release

Activists oppose Klamath plan, By Anita Burke, H&N 2/22  story link 

Norton, agency heads discuss science report, By Anita Burke, H&N 2/22  story link 

Hatfield Committee Wants Control of Wyden’s $175 Million Farm Bill Funds
report and comments on the Hatfield Committee meeting, 2/22  see story 
Working group eyes best ways to use $175 million recovery package
By Anita Burke, H&N 2/22  story link 

The Tulelake Grower’s Association has scheduled their annual meeting for February 28th Dr. Ron Hathaway, OSU Extension Service and Dr. Ken Rykbost, OSU Experiment Station will speak, addressing  the recent report by Oregon State University and University of California, Members and guests are encouraged to attend.   See details

Letter from Calif. Secretary of State, Bill Jones to Governor Gray Davis
The letter supports comments submitted by TGA on the Draft BA. His concern for our community and support for agriculture is greatly appreciated.   see letter  

Panel Discussions: "Looking For a Balanced Federal Water Policy"
At Chico State Univ. March 6th, KWUA's Dan Keppen and Bob Gasser to speak  see details

In Eugene, Saturday 9th, panel discussion at the "Public Interest Environmental Law Conference" sponsored by "Land Air Water", At 10:30 A.M.  "ESA and Klamath Crisis: Water Rights, Native Rights, Etc."  Conference, 3/7 to 3/10   see their web site for more details 
pre-register or just show up, citizen's fee $20- $50 donation ..  might want to consider this ? 

The Green Matrix, Diane Alden, Feb. 21, 2002, Newsmax.com,   story link   good read
Also see: more written by her   and her site  

Science junk hits the Washington fan, by Patrick J. Michaels, 
NewsAndOpinion.com  2/20    story link    ( so what is this FDQA ?) 

California Primary: Dickerson faces tough party fight for Senate post
By Chris Rizo, Daily Democrat,  Sacramento Bureau   story link ( quote from the basin ) 

Malin Oregon’s Town Well Going Dry, KBC's Report, 2/19  see story 

Committee Oversight Hearing - Date Change!   The Committee on Resources hearing on the National Academy of Science (NAS) Interim Report on Endangered and Threatened Fishes in the Klamath River Basin, changed from March 7 to March 13    see details 

Wandering in the Wilderness, Henry Lamb, WND.com, 2/16   story link

Face to face: Pace, farmers square off,   
( about the Rotary Club meeting in Klamath Falls ) H&N, By Lee Juillerat , 2/15,  story link 

Editorial in Thursday's ( 2/14 ) New York Times:   Fish Wars   
note the response below from James Buchal  .... comments? 
News from the Front #63: New York Times Takes The Lead In Promoting The Great Salmon Hoax, James Buchal 2/14   story link    ( commentary on the Times editorial above )
Read Another letter to the editor, commenting on the Times editorial   see letter 

Endangered Science, More than species are endangered by the Fish and Wildlife Service. By Jonathan H. Adler, in National Review Online, mostly Klamath  story link 

Walden starts species act push,  H&N, Anita Burke, 2/15  story link  

Senator Smith's statement  entered in today's Congressional Record to commemorate the 143rd anniversary of Oregon's entrance into the Union.
read statement   2/14  ( Klamath Basin is mentioned ) 

Lessons from Klamath, by Lori Potter. the Kearney Hub, Kearny, Nebraska, see story 

Smith Votes Against Farm Bill, cites Reid amendment,
bill passes anyway 58 to 40,   2/13   see press release

Drought of research fouled Klamath. Michael Milstein, Oregonian, 2/13, story link 
"It was a biological bombshell, perhaps the most pointed scientific repudiation of an Endangered Species Act decision ever."  says Milstein    comments welcome

The Bald Eagle Conference, February 15 to 17, in Klamath Falls.. see details

More than $2 billion given in EPA grants to nonprofits, often without competitive bidding,   By Larry Margasak, John Solomon, AP, ENN, 2/12,  story link  

Delisting Petition on SONCC coho accepted!  2/11   see report 
Salmon Protections Could Float Away, By Jeff Barnard, AP, KGW,  story link

Biologists on Defensive in Klamath Water Fight   story link   2/9 
Environment: A critical study has stewards of the Endangered Species Act and environmental activists worried.  By ERIC BAILEY and DEBORAH SCHOCH, LA TIMES STAFF WRITERS

Klamath Basin Water Fight May Have Hurt Fish, No spin from, Fox News, story link 

Walden to Hold Congressional Hearing on Klamath Water, 
By AP Staff, KGW, 2/8  story link 

Bush: speech to Cattlemen's Beef Association in Denver  "Every day is Earthday for those who earn their living off the land"  Friday,  2/8   see speech

Comments to BOR on Draft Biological Assessment from the 
Siskiyou County Farm Bureau,    2/7   see full text

Smith, Walden Ask USDA to Expedite Crop Disaster Payments   see press release

Upper Klamath Lake Storage: Thousands of Acre Feet , for end of Jan, 2002
Current: 376.9     Last Year: 333.9   Average: 354.6    Capacity: 523.7
Clear Lake: 144.4 237.8 207.8 513.3   Gerber:  32.4 51.9 46.9 94.3 
Iron Gate Flow: 1604 cfs on 2/8   Klamath River at Keno: 1240 cfs  2/8   more

Tears and Heroes - 2001 Revisited, One Water One Basin One People
At the Ross Ragland Theatre, Two performances February 9th   see details 
The "Klamath Basin Farm Community Quilt" will be at the theater, everyone is asked to sign the quilt to be presented to Mrs. Bush by Greg Walden as an additional message that there are real people, with real lives....in the Klamath Basin.
Event was well attended, not a dry eye in the house, tape will be available .. details coming

Waters Users Urge writing  to John Keys, Commissioner of Reclamation regarding the Draft Biological Assessment  see sample letter  Deadline for comment is Fri. February 8th

The iron is hot!   Opinion and Strategy by Mike Connelly  2/6  see article

Earthjustice and other groups respond to National Academy of Sciences report:   "we are calling on the administration to take a precautionary approach and maintain high water levels in the Klamath River and Upper Klamath Lake consistent with the best available science"    What ? 
see their:  Statement Regarding NAS Preliminary Report on the Klamath Basin,  link 
----  see comments     also see: "how to ride a dead horse"  ( for fun ) 

Klamath Tribes praise call for National Academy of Sciences review, "The Klamath Tribes wholeheartedly support an independent review of the science underlying protection for the fish in Upper Klamath Lake. We have complete confidence in the National Academy of Sciences," says Allen Foreman .... read it 

Tiny Arizona Community Averts Repeat of Klamath Disaster
Citizens Fearful of contract with The Nature Conservancy, by Randy Heiss   see story

Smith Introduces Endangered Species Act Peer Review Legislation,  see press release  2/5

NAS Study Rebukes Interior Department Shut-Off of Irrigation Water
National Center for Policy Analysis, 2/5   story link 
Report Shows Mistakes in Klamath Water Cutoff
by Darcy Maulsby, AgWeb.com, 2/5   story link 
Assemblyman Dickerson lauds Klamath conclusion 
Siskiyou Daily News, 2/5,  story link ( temp) 
Klamath, lynx flubs challenge agencies, Oregonian, Michael Milstein, 2/5 story link 
Editorial in Washington Times, 2/6   see editorial

Green Gang lashes out at Pacific Legal Foundation for Coho Lawsuit
newswire, 2/5 .. story link

The NAS Report:  National Research Council 
National Academy of Sciences, Committee on Endangered and Threatened Fishes in the Klamath River Basin:  Interim Report:    see full text      see photos from yesterdays meeting

Klamath Update From Congressman Greg Walden's e-newsletter February 4, 2002
Note: Walden  did speak to on the house floor today about 4:25 PST for 5 minutes  
Good job.... brought up the crisis, and the NAS findings, said we owe the Klamath Basin a big debt

New York Times: Study Discounts Halting Irrigation to Protect Fish, 
  By Andrew C. Revkin, 2/5, story link  
( have to register ) 

NAS challenges water-ban reasons, By Audrey Hudson, Washington Times, 2/5  link
Norton says science report will affect water allocations, By Jeff Barnard, AP, 2/4   link 
Report: Cutting off farmers made without right data, By Gillian Flaccus, AP, 2/4   link 
Farmers claim small victory in Klamath Basin water war, KATU TV,  2/4    link

In the Herald and News:  February 4th
Farmers’ reaction to findings bittersweet, By Lee Juillerat, 2/4   story link 
Irrigation cutoff wasn’t justified, By Anita Burke, 2/4   story link 
Norton asks for Interior report in 10 days, By Lee Juillerat, 2/4   story link 

Opinions and Commentary following NAS / NCR Report   

Experts Say Farms, Not Fish Should Get Disputed Water
Federal panel finds there was no basis for policy that led to Klamath confrontations.
Eric Bailey, Los Angeles Times  2/4  story link

New Report Roils Western Water War
By Michael Grunwald, Washington Post Staff Writer, 2/4    story link 
This refers to the NAS report, it's a bit interesting to see how many quotes Grunwald has to 
oppose the report, compared to those who approve.  And notice the headline !!   Comments? 
AP version in the LA Times, Klamath Water Cutoff Scrutinized, Gillian Flaccus  link 
The Oregonian, Scientists critical of Klamath water ban, Michael Milstein,  link

Meeting with Walden announcing NAS Report,  Monday the 4th,    See Photos from meeting

National Academy of Sciences turns over Klamath report to Interior
Jeff Barnard,  AP, in SF Chronicle .. 1/31    story link 
 You will find the whole report here tomorrow full text

'Saving' Wild Salmon's Bucket-Born Cousins  ( Klamath is part of story ) 
By Sam Howe Verhovek, New York Times  story link   

Disputed water study at seminar,  the OSU-UC study will be subject  
At OIT, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 7th , call 541- 883-7131 to register, cost $20.00 includes lunch.     H&N story, By Anita Burke, 2/2  story link

Greens ease stance on Gale Norton, 
By Audrey Hudson, The Washington Times  2/3   story link 

You can’t reduce complex resource issues to skin color
By Mike Connelly, appeared as editorial in H&N 1/18  good reading   see letter 

Major Victory in Hage v. United States 
Landmark Takings Case Decided in Favor of Property Rights, 1/31  see press release

Sucker Punched,  well researched, good article in the current issue of The American Legion Magazine, includes quotes from a few basin farmers, By Jeff Stoffer  see article

New USFWS Administrator Confirmed by Senate,   ENS,1/30   see story

Water Users "Cautiously Optimistic" About Klamath Basin Plan
see press release from Klamath Water Users Assoc.  1/29

In Herald and News  1/29
Irrigators favored in draft plan, by Anita Burke  story link
Key points of project’s biological assessment, by Todd Kepple  story link
Comment period is next step By Anita Burke   story link 
Tribes react to proposal, By Kehn Gibson   story link

Tide turns in Basin water fight
By Todd Kepple and Anita Burke, H&N 1/28     story link

See the full text of the BOR Biological Assessment ( BA )
link  there is press release on this page then a link to download full text ( PDF ) 

in the Oregonian, by Michael Milstein: 
Klamath plan ensures irrigation  1/29   story link 

Associated Press version of story, by Jeff Barnard:
Plan Proposed for Klamath Farmers,  Union Tribune  1/28    story link 
also under this headline across the Nation:
Government water plan claims all water for irrigators 

Irrigation plan helps farmers, raises fishers' ire
Washington Times, Staff, 1/29   story link  

see discussion forum for comments on the BOR-BA

Another AP story today:
Klamath Water Users Plan Protests This Summer
january 29, 2002, 06:00 AM, By AP Staff, KGW,   story link  

Klamath Crisis affect ranchers as well as farmers
By Jeffry Mullins, Associate Editor Elko Daily Free Press  1/29  see story

Klamath Tribes object to portions of OSU study, 
By Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press Writer   story link    comments?

Environmentalists threaten suit unless deadline is met
By Gillian Flaccus, AP, WorldNewspaper ( Coos bay ), 1/25  story link   comments?

Family Farm Alliance President Limbaugh Is Named To Join Bush Administration, press release 1/24    see press release 

The Missing Lynx, The latest Clinton scandal has fur flying in Washington.
By Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal, 1/24,    story link  

See map of proposed Clear Lake Aqueduct Project    could this be one of the solutions ?

Agency, conservation groups settle lawsuit, over Bull Trout
AP, Las Vegas Review-Journal   story link 
Greens cut turner a break, By Audrey Hudson, Washington Times, 1/20,  story link

Water Warriors,  By Audrey Hudson, Insight on the news, 1/15   story link 

Eagles Back at Winter Home:  Despite the Klamath Basin water war, migration appears normal. But some worry about future prospects. 
in the Los Angeles Times, By Eric Bailey, 1/15   story link

any mistakes in this story ?
send opinion

It's time for everybody to write letters, says Klamath Water User's Dan Keppen, 
see sample letters and ideas along with who and where to send them,   sample letters

Crowd of 3700 show up to hear Greg Walden and local leaders discuss the current "State of the Water",  then BBQ free surplus Coho Salmon after
See Highlights and Photos  
of Saturdays Event at the Fairgrounds  1/12

With hope, farmers rally again, By Lee Juillerat, H&N, 1/14  story link 
But for one family farm it might be too late, By Lee Juillerat, H&N, 1/13  story link 
How President Bush flew to Basin’s rescue, By Lee Juillerat, H&N, 1/13  story link 

The "San Francisco Chronicle" version: Klamath Basin Water War Government, salmon on the grill Farmers demand relief after ruinous year, by Eric Brazil    story link

The "Associated Press" version of the story after Saturday's event: 
Klamath Farmers Want Plan for Summer, By AP Staff, KGW, 1/12  story link 

The "Oregonian" version  of the story after Saturday's event:  
Farmers in Klamath Basin rally for water guarantees, Michael Milstein, 1/13   story link

Notice? in all the stories above, except for ours, they use the number 2000 for attendance, while we use the accurate count of 3700.  Wonder why? 

Pacific Legal Foundation Announces, Will Sue to Delist Klamath Salmon
see press release from 1/10

Klamath Project manager named, by Anita Burke, H&N, 1/11  story link 

Water spilled from Upper Klamath Lake, By Todd Kepple, H&N 1/11 story link 

GOT WATER ?  - 2002 & Beyond     more information  
Walden to attend Panel Discussion in Klamath Falls ,    See Press Release  1/8

Gray Davis hanged in effigy in Yreka, Local residents rally against governor's political appointment .. By Sarah Foster, WorldNetDaily.com, 1/10    story link

Southern Poverty Law Center, in their quarterly " Intelligence Report" include the article: "Conflict in Klamath", with the lead in: "The short-lived battle of Klamath Falls was the latest flash point in a continuing low-intensity war between "Patriot" activists and the federal government."   see links to articles  

President puts punch in Smith’s campaign
By Brad Cain, AP, EONow.com 1/7   story link

Bush mentions Klamath in Portland Speech 
By Jim Parker and Doug Irving, kgw.com Staff, 1/5     story link    
Is there hope?      See discussion forum 

Smith Looks for Boost from Bush Visit
By Brad Cain, AP Staff, KGW, 1/6   story link

"Operation: Restore the Eagle"  is announced      see letter  
Comments, ideas regarding this project?   also see comment page

Water report irks Westerners         Comments welcome 
By Audrey Hudson, The Washington Times  1/2/02   story link

also see: environmental news and commentary

also  see main archive page for past months


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