Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

               Archive 9       March-April,  2002

What Does It Take To Win The War on the West?   Speech by James Buchal,
At the "Restore the Spirit of America" rally April 13, 2002, in Medford,   link to speech

Walden Announces $50 Million in Federal Funding for Klamath Basin
Press release from Walden's office, 4/29  see release 
This story in the Oregonian, by Jim Barnett, 4/30    story link 
This story in the Herald & News, by Todd Kepple 4/29  story link 

Farm Bill to Include Walden’s Chiloquin Dam Fish Passage Study
( In addition to the 50 million ) .. see press release,  4/30
This story in the H&N, by Tim Fought,   story link 

Guards return to headgates, By Ryan Harper, H&N 4/29, story link 

Still a good chance for federal help for Basin, H&N, 4/28  story link

They are what they are - scam-artist phonies 
By Bill, Guest columnist, H&N, 4/28  story link 

Water money cut, not forgotten,  H&N,  4/26  story link  
Klamath Basin money cut, The Oregonian / AP version by Jim Barnett of AP   story link 

Klamath plan optimistic for farmers
By Jeff Barnard, AP, Seattle Times  4/26  story link 

Conservationists petition for wild salmon protection
By Jeff Barnard, AP, Seattle Times  4/26  story link 

Draft BO: 4/25,  The draft Biological Opinion issued by the Fish and Wildlife Service for 2002-2012 Project Operations was released earlier today. A copy of this 220 page document can be downloaded from the Bureau of Reclamation's website at www.mp.usbr.gov\kbao\ 

Bureau's Press Release today, 4/25  

Water Users Respond to Environmentalists’ Lawsuit
important press release today from KWUA, 4/24   see release 

Water Users critical of lawsuit seeking increased spring water releases
by Ryan Harper, H&N 4/26   story link

PCFFA and Earth Justice announce suit ,  4/24   see press release 
Fishermen file suit for May water, By Ryan Harper, H&N   4/24   story link

On Earth Day, water policy floods the ecodebate
By Brad Knickerbocker, The Christian Science Monitor, 4/22  story link

Methow Valley irrigators vow to fill ditches, AP,  Seattle PI, 4/20  story link

Release of Draft BOs Delayed Again
Release of OSU Report Pending
TID Installs Innovative Canal Lining
"A" Canal Fish Screen Project Moves Forward
Reclamation to study mores storage at Gerber

These stories and more in the KWUA update for April 19th 

Felice Pace allegedly batters KFA employee 
By Daniel Webster, Pioneer Press, Yreka 4/17  see story 

Don’t put the blame on Basin agriculture, by Donald Rajnus, 3/25
see guest column from the H&N, ( sorry I'm late with this, got lost, but still pertinent )

DC Judge Says No to Enviro Intervention in Critical Habitat Lawsuit, 
by Bill Rudolph, NW Fishletter, 4/12  story link 

Klamath Water Users Association, Weekly Newsletter, for April 12, 2002

Water users to hear Reclamation head, By Anita Burke, H&N 4/11    story link

Biological opinions to be delayed 1 week, By Ryan Harper, H&N 4/11  story link 

Irrigator’s claim case goes well say attorney, By Anita Burke, H&N 4/10  story link 

Irrigators’ suit against feds set for a hearing, By Anita Burke, H&N 4/8    story link 

Extremely Important Notice regarding acrolein
To irrigators, from Klamath Irrigation District     please read notice

Klamath Irrigation District seeks pollution permit, [ and other updates ]
By Anita Burke, H&N 4/5    story link

Piercing call of the wild, by James Hansen, chairman of the House Resources Committee, in The Washington Times, 4/4   story link 

Hatchery fish have legitimate role to play
Herald & News editorial   4/4/   editorial link

Living with hot water [ story about new head of Klamath's BOR office ]
By Ryan Harper, H&N, 4/4    story link 

Green group warns about Klamath River 
By Audrey Hudson, Washington Times, 4/5   story link 

Saving the Basin’s water, By Ryan Harper, H&N, 4/3   story link 

EPA OKs use of herbicides in irrigation canals without permits
By John Heilprin, AP, Spokesman-Review 3/30   story link
related: EPA Talent Decision Released       see release

Klamath solutions originate in basin, Michael Milstein, Oregonian, 4/3  story link 
Conservationists, feds team up for water,  By Anita Burke, H&N, 4/2   story link

Headgates are Open
Photos from Headgate Opening: Today    see photos

Sunday's Herald & News:
What a year,  By Anita Burke   link 
Long-term issues confront all parties, by Todd Kepple   link
The ties that bind one family,  Lee Beach   link
No disaster, but not much of a year, by Lee Juillerat   link 
What’s changed: A bond is asunder, By Kehn Gibson   link 
The water is flowing, but questions remain, By Anita Burke   link 
There are lessons to learn, Tribes say, by Lee Juillerat   link 
Farmers’ efforts make this Easter look better than last
      Editorial by Herald and News Publisher, John Walker   link
For Bush, the Basin appears crucial, editorial by By Tim Fought  link 

Klamath canal reopened.
By Richard T. Estrada, Modesto Bee, 3/30,   story link 

Cabinet secretaries open irrigation canals to water Klamath Basin farms
By John Enders, AP Press Writer  story link 

Klamath ceremony frees water for farmers
Michael Milstein, Oregonian, 3/30    story link 

Statement by President George W. Bush
Regarding Release of Irrigation Water in the Klamath Basin, 
See Statements from Bush and Walden (press release)  from Greg Walden's office  3/29 

News this evening from the H&N
‘Let the water flow’    By Lee Juillerat, H&N 3/29 story link  
Water brings hope, concern, bitterness,  H&N Staff Report, 3/29   story link 
Environmental group wants long-term solution,  Anita Burke, H&N. 3/29 
story link
A busy agenda amid tight security,  By Kehn Gibson,  H&N. 3/29  story link

Headgates to Open Friday Morning, 9:00 AM
Gale Norton, Ann Vennamen, and Gordon Smith will be there to officially open the headgates, between 9:00 to 10:45 A.M.   see media advisory  

Feds Seek Fast OK for Water Release, 
LA Times,  By Deborah Schoch,  3/28   story link   Comments?

Cabinet members will open spigots to Oregon farmers 
By Audrey Hudson, Washington Times, 3/29  story link 

Interior commits to a broad Klamath Basin solution
by Gale A. Norton, found in the Oregonian, 3/27  story link

See Herald & News stories:
Cabinet secretaries to crank open A canal, By Anita Burke, 3/27   story link 
Agency crew gets ready to open season, by Ryan Harper 3/27  story link  

Interior secretary to open water headgates in Klamath Basin
By John Enders, Associated Press  3/27  story link 

ONRC Places Three Klamath Basin Irrigation Districts on Notice for Clean Water Act Violations,   3/28   see press release         Comments? 

Calling a Ceasefire in the "War on the West", 
By Congressman Greg Walden, 3/26, Washington Times   0p-ed link 

Herger speaks at Farm Bureau's annual dinner in Yreka
Siskiyou Daily News, 3/26   see story 

Environmental Summit on the West II, April 24 - 26, 2002, the Western Governors' Association and the White House Council on Environmental Quality will co-sponsor the Second Environmental Summit on the West in Salt Lake City.  story link   what is Enlibra? 

"Judge Rules Feds Can Close Ditches"  Okanogan County loses its lawsuit; 
environmental groups hail the decision   The Wenatchee World, 3/20    see story

Smith Urges Farm Bill Conferees to Retain Klamath Funds While Compromise is Worked Out ..    3/20    see press release

Interior minister considering giving land back to Klamath tribes in Northeast
Jeff Barnard, AP, SF Chronicle,  3/19,   story link

Water Users Praise Walden’s Farm Bill Proposal 
press release from Klamath Water User's Association, 3/18   see press release

Diverse Klamath Basin Groups Urge Senators Wyden and Smith
  to Endorse Walden Amendment to 2002 Farm Bill, 
press release from Original Klamath Basin Bucket Brigade   see press release 3/18 

Tulelake Growers Association in support of Walden’s Farm Bill Amendment
see press release from the Tulelake Growers, 3/18 

Press releases planned today, in support of Walden's plan, 
10:00 A.M. Klamath County Commissioners,  1:00 P.M. in Tulelake
more coming as available

Shades of green and red, By Henry Lamb, eco.freedom 3/18     story link 

Important: see sample letter to the editor ..... please use this letter ..  the basin farmers and Walden need your help ..... 

Requirements For Successful Klamath Basin Provisions For The Farm Bill – March 15, 2002      Statement from the basin irrigators .. please read 

Latest from Wendell Wood after losing bid for leaseland: he says: 
"Farm Bill conservation $$ at serious risk for Klamath Basin and nationally", 
ONRC Alert #119 - March 14th, 2002     link     Comments? They never give up ....

Klamath Basin residents push for agreement on U.S. funding
Michael Milstein, Oregonian, 3/13    story link   
Comments? This story is wrong...  

Barley farmers win the bid, Environmentalists trumped in effort to control refuge land,  By Anita Burke, H&N, 3/14,   story link 

Toward a wilderness utopia, by Henry Lamb, WorldNetDaily, 3/16  story link

Congressional critics say Klamath crisis shows flaws of species law
Jim Barnett, Oregonian, 3/14    story link 

Bush administration proposes ending endangered species protections for fish to settle suit, Katherine Pfleger, AP, SF Chronicle,  story link 

Opinion: The NAS Report, And Those Who Attack It, 
by Mike Connelly, 3/12   see story   good reading  and see forum

Some may face water shortage, By Anita Burke, H&N, 3/11,   story link 

Activists to bid for lease lands, By Todd Kepple, H&N, 3/11  story link 
Comments welcome .. see the discussion forum

NAS committee steps outside, By Anita Burke, H&N, 3/11,   story link 

Working group starts by making lists of measures,
By Lee Juillerat, H&N, 3/10  story link 

House Committee reschedules meeting on Walden legislation,   H&N  story link

Bush Cabinet group gives Klamath Basin quick help with water
Michael Milstein, Oregonian, 3/9    story link

Klamath Water Users Association Perspective on the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Review of Klamath Basin Biological Opinions    here

Ruling bolsters tribes’ water claim, Todd Kepple, H&N, 3/3  story link 
AP Staff version, KGW, 3/3,   story link 

Group prepared to go to court over Basin water
By Anita Burke H&N, and Jeff Barnard, AP, H&N, 3/3    story link

Klamath Falls In Reverse!! Eastern Everglades Flooding   see story

President Creates Cabinet-Level Klamath Basin Task Force
President Bush's Statement Today, on the working group    see release
Press release from Smith's office, 3/1    see release

Bush to form Cabinet task force for Basin, By Anita Burke, H&N, 3/1,  story link

Klamath Farmers May Get Water This Year, By Jeff Barnard, AP, KGW   link 
Klamath Basin farmers get good news, Spokane Spokesman-Review .. story link 


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