Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

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KWUA Newsletter, Dec 31, 2002.

Repeal the Endangered Species Act, Henry Lamb, World Net Daily, 12/28.

Water Users brace for report on chinook kill, Lee Juillerat, H&N, 12/23.

Report Disputed, Lee Juillerat, H&N, 12/22.

Don't make Poe Valley a guinea pig, H&N Editorial, 12/22.

Klamath Water Crisis painful betrayal, ag consultants told, Harry Cline, Western Farm Press, 12/21.

Merrill Business is retailer of the year, Matt Hall, H&N, 12/18.

It's a cruel, long distance war, H&N Editorial, 12/12.

Cheap power for farmers attacked, Lee Juillerat, H&N, 12/12.. "That would be a bizarre policy to pursue — the complete eradication of farming in the Klamath Basin.”, Jim McCarthay, ONRC. The only sensible quote in the report. Unfortunately, that's exactly what they want.

Bureau gets animated on how fish screen will work, Matt Hall, H&N, 12/12.

Study on Klamath Project recreation impact dead wrong, Dan Keppen, H&N guest editorial, 12/10. "they have proposed to eliminate an entire community so that assumed future tourists might enjoy additional — and debatable — recreational amenities."

Activists file herbicide suit against irrigators, Todd Kepple, H&N, 12/9. Actually this suit is against EPA and ODEQ, not irigators.

Imperial shuns sale, roils water picture,  Sacramento Bee, 12/10. "Imperial residents, whose community is among the poorest in the state, resented the idea of making sacrifices to satisfy the water demands of wealthy coastal cities."

We should build bridges, not burn them, H&N editorial, 12/8.

Wolves have local folks howling, Ryan Harper, H&N, 12/5.

Program to honor homesteaders, H&N, 11/25.

Group pitches water lease plan, Ryan Harper, H&N, 12/1.

Do you really want wolves in your back yard, do you appreciate your children,  pets, and livestock? Let out your feelings at a meeting at the Klamath County Fairgrounds, Wed, Nov 7, 7:00 pm. Story.

This Sunday evening, on CBS, a movie will be aired called "Christmas Shoes." A subplot of the movie involves Rob Lowe defending a group of farmers from an "Environmental Junta" who wants to take their water rights away because of the "sucker fish." Sound familiar? If this turns out to be as good as it sounds, please let CBS know. More info on the movie at www.cbs.com/specials/christmas_shoes.    H&N Story.

Klamath water crisis painful government betrayal lesson, Harry Cline, Western Farm Press, 11/22. "Real people are attached to these Endangered Species Act decisions — people with lives and dreams. Don’t let this happen to you."

Fed fish study moves upstream, Ryan Harper, H&N, 11/22. Fish and Wildlife, "with the help of the California Department of Fish and Game, the National Marine Fisheries Service, and tribal biologists" drafted this report. All but CDF have actively tried to shut down farming in the Klamath Basin, using faulty or non-existent science. Do we already smell bias in this report?

Two responses to Chicago Tribune editorial, John Keys, reclamation commissioner, and Rob Crawford, Tulelake farmer. We attempted to include the editorial, but the Tribune charges for their articles.

Activists’ water claim hit, Ryan Harper, H&N, 11/20.

Senate Unanimously Passes Walden Bill to Reimburse Klamath Basin Irrigators’ Operations and Maintenance Fees, 11/ 20.

Support Appreciated,  Letter, H&N, 11/18. "...we have expanded our horizons from being a part of a small group of 50 property owners to standing shoulder to shoulder with great people such as the Bucket Brigade, Paragon Foundation and Freedom 21."

Salmon Run Tally Mixed, Ryan Harper, H&N, 11/18.

Two letters from the Sacramento Bee, Nov 18.

KWUA Newsletter, Nov. 16, 2002. Water Watch tries to hone in on adjudication.

Sturgeon lawsuit filed, H&N, Ryan Harper, 11/15.

Basin streams tabbed as bull trout habitat, H&N, Todd Kepple, 11/14/02.

Klamath Basin Conservation Implementation Program, kbc, 11/14. "Dave Sabo, Bureau of Reclamation area managerarea manager, will implement a plan which he feels will restore the endangered fish while honoring perpetual contracts to irrigators."

FROM LORRAINE IN HOMESTEAD FLORIDA 11/9/02 "My husband says "at least in Cuba, I know who my enemies are." "Why can the Nature Conservancy use eminent domain to take the land south of what was Homestead Air Force Base for restoration, abandon that idea, then sell it to developers for the raceway and Keysgate Estates?"" TELL ME WHY I CAN'T SIT IN MY ROCKING CHAIR AT DUSK ON MY BACK PATIO AND WATCH THE SUNSET OVER THE EVERGLADES...................TELL ME WHY I AM NO LONGER FREE!" NOTE FROM KBC: WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS PERSONAL LETTER IS NOT ABOUT THE OBVIOUSLY ABOUT THE KLAMATH BASIN, OR IS IT?  ISN'T IT ABOUT AMERICANS--ISN'T IT ABOUT OUR FREEDOM???

Water struggle continues for farmers, fish,  Christine Souza, Calif. Farm Bureau Ag Alert, Nov 6.

Blame game continues in Klamath Basin water crisis, Opinion, Ag Alert, Pam Giacomini, Nov 6. "This environmental group and their allies in federal fisheries agencies want to push agriculture off of large swaths of land in the West by whatever means they can. If the science doesn't support their cause, they go to court hoping for a different outcome."

Recreation could provide greater economic benefit than farmland -- USGS report:  The measures include: the purchase of all Klamath Irrigation Project farmland; acquiring sensitive forestland along the Klamath River and tributaries; removing dams along the Klamath River; and increasing Trinity River flows by 500,000 acre-feet annually by taking irrigation supplies from California's Central Valley. 11/7

H&N Editorial on the Geological Survey Report, 11/05.

Switzer Hit With ONRC Complaint, Brian Cole, H&N, 11/2

Appeals court: Livestock grazing does not cause harm to endangered species, Marvin Tessneer, Las Cruces Sun News.


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