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                    ESA Prohibits Smallpox Defense

William Jud

Pity the endangered smallpox germ. Eradicated from nature worldwide, the lonely virus clings to existence locked away in a few research labs and biological warfare factories.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) demands that the remnant of this once widespread species be fully protected and restored to its former worldwide habitat, no matter the cost. Some environmentalists and animal rightists say there is no real difference between life forms, and that people and smallpox virus have equal value and deserve equal protection.

People are "Critical Habitat" for smallpox. Particularly city people, where crowds in close contact make ideal smallpox habitat. Cities qualify for designation as United Nations Smallpox Biosphere Reserves.

Under ESA guidelines, releasing smallpox back into its natural habitat is a welcome bonus of biological warfare. Smallpox would re-establish itself world-wide within weeks, a shining triumph of endangered species restoration.

Government effort to stockpile smallpox vaccine and immunize Americans violates the Endangered Species Act. Vaccinating people eliminates smallpox Critical Habitat and violates both the letter and spirit of species salvation law. One must not be selective in prosecution and law enforcement. Either we do everything possible to save and return vanishing species to their natural habitat, regardless of cost, or we ignore and trample environmental law.

Defending Americans against biological warfare desecrates cherished environmental values regarding endangered species and should be challenged by environmentalists filing multiple "Citizen Suit" lawsuits against the federal government.

An environmentalist who believes in and supports the Endangered Species Act must in good conscience personally refuse preventive smallpox inoculation, and must hound elected officials in Congress to cut off funds for vaccine production, hold investigative hearings, and punish those responsible for this ill-conceived attack on one of our fragile planet's endangered species.

All endangered species must be protected, even a smallpox germ.

Mr. environmentalist, may I have your smallpox vaccine?


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