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From the March 9, 2005 Klamath Courier:


Drugs, Mexican cartels, attorney general and your water


        As the billion dollar marijuana industry looks toward another season, you can count on the Klamath Courier to expose the truth


By John Martinez


The 2004 Special Opinion series initially stated that our region was a national security concern due, for the most part, to drugs, radical groups and water.  We discussed the radical movements of the 60s and 70s and how they brought us the drug trade and radical environmentalism.


We discussed the green movement as nothing more than a socialist tool to destroy American society.  We discussed how the green movement was financing its war against America by using the drug trade.


We discussed Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez as promoting regional instability in Latin America by whipping up anti-Western sentiment in the Indigenous communities.  We discussed how the regional drug trade in the north state of California has many similarities to the Andean region in South America.


We discussed the Karuk Tribe and itís possible role in the regional drug trade.  We also discussed the Karuk Tribeís role in promoting anti-Western philosophy through radical environmental policy. 


We stated that Mexican cartels, with the assistance of local environmentalist hippies with close ties to major Democrat politicians were operating in Siskiyou County.  We also looked at Mexico emerging as a probable enemy within a non-traditional warfare paradigm.


In 2004 we looked at gangs and how they would threaten the very peace within the US and how they were tied to a larger cabal of international thugs.  Now it is glaringly obvious that international gangs operating throughout our nation are causing terrific social chaos and threatening the very liberties that allow them to thrive.


In 2004 we looked at a horrendous murder with possible ties to several others, which was without a doubt a hit covered up by, in part, the Siskiyou County District Attorneyís Office.  Will the past DA be charged under federal civil rights guidelines as an accomplice to murder?  Under new leadership in the DAís office will the Grand Jury be able to conduct investigations free from criminal intimidation, act without illegal extra-judicial influences and free to investigate possible crimes without state law enforcement harassing grand jurors?


In 2004 we addressed the possible corrupting influence of the drug trade on state law enforcement.  In 2005 we may share interviews with former state and federal law enforcement investigators.  These interviews may lead US Attorney General Gonzales to investigate the California Attorney Generalís Office.  Similar to the Democrat controlled Secretary of State office, the use of the California State Attorney Generalís office may also have been used in furtherance of illegal partisan practices.


More troubling, is that Mexican organized criminal tentacles now appear to have infected the California State Attorney generalís office at the highest levels.


Next week . . . part two of the 2005 introduction.





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