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Oregon Suckers Seize 2,200-Acres Of Irrigated Klamath Farmland - Wacko Enviros Overjoyed
By Dennis M. Becklin Publisher - OregonNewsOnline

Klamath Falls, Oregon - A break in a 1920's Klamath Lake dike caused 2,200-acres of highly productive farmland to be inundated by water from the lake. As water rushed through the broken dike to cover the farmland, an unknown number of short nosed suckers MAY have snuck through the dike, too. Whammoo...2,200 more acres of critical habitat was created for the little aquatic bast...rds.

Extremist environmentalists have a long history of lying about conditions in the natural environment. Their media releases concerning the Klamath Lake dike break won't be an exception.


Already, we hear proclamations from the eco radicals that the 2,200-acre expanded surface area of Klamath Lake will help reduce the temperature of water in the lake....and thusly reduce the temperature of the water flowing out of Klamath Lake into the Klamath River....and thusly help to increase populations of threatened Chinook salmon in the river. Therefore the flooding of the 2,200-acres of former farmland is a good thing for salmon and a great thing for the universe.


This is just a bunch of cow-pucky from a bunch of pucksters.


These are the same enviro extremists who have argued that juvenile salmon and steelhead fishies are adversely affected by increased water temperatures in rivers with dam-impounded lakes. Their argument in those cases is that the slow moving water in lakes created by dams on the Columbia River and elsewhere cause higher absorption of solar energy by the water in the lakes. They argue that the solar induced increase in lake temperatures is translatable into higher mortality for young salmon and steelhead as they migrate downstream to the Pacific Ocean.


This, too, is just a bunch of cow-pucky from a bunch of pucksters.


It is also the same type of argument that resulted in the prohibition of recreational gold dredging in the Rogue River and its tributaries. A federal judge was ignorant enough to believe the radicals' wacky argument that the temperature of the Rogue River and its tributaries would rise as a result of the discoloration of the river caused by silt particles floating out of small gold dredges and sluice boxes operated by recreationalists. Silted river water purportedly absorbed more solar radiation and therefore increased river water temperature to the detriment of falsely threatened coho salmon.


This, too, was just a bunch of cow-pucky from a bunch of pucksters. But, the eco crazies argued this case in US Federal Court and won. So, why not argue a bunch of other implausible and unprovable lies in any other cases in federal court which involve the Endangered Species Act?


Answer - The eco crazies won't hesitate. It's how they earn their livings, primarily as environmental attorneys.


Klamath Lake is now 2,200-acres larger than it was two weeks ago. In the future, the average temperature of the lake will increase during periods of lower run off from snow that accumulates in the mountains surrounding the lake.


So, take a deep breath while you're readying your fishing gear and your fish smokers. Soon you'll be able to join Native Americans in ceremonial feastings which include delectable, barbecued Klamath short nosed suckers.


Just in case you're still one of the hoodwinked contributors to the Sierra Club, thinking its one of those grandma-nice little organizations that is helping save the world from capitalism and the nasty influences of mankind's occupation of the planet, you may want to get a better introduction to the their roots as an environmental law firm -





Q: What is the difference between the Sierra Club Environmental Law Program, the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, and Earthjustice?


A: The Environmental Law Program is the Sierra Club's team of in-house environmental lawyers. It consists of fourteen attorneys and professional staff who prosecute strategic litigation for the Club's nationwide grassroots campaigns and direct the entire docket of nationwide Sierra Club litigation. The "Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund" was an independent, nonprofit law firm started by Club leaders and others in the 1970s.


Reflecting its independent status, the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund changed its name to Earthjustice in 1997. Earthjustice frequently represents the Sierra Club in litigation and is one of the Club's most valued outside counsel. See www.earthjustice.org for more information.


It's interesting to see these fat-cat enviros living and working in high-rises in San Francisco and Oakland, California, while purporting to be protectors of the world's environment. Check the idyllic surroundings in GoogleEarth images of their concrete jungle surrounded locations, which are shown in the additional photos published with this article. 


This editorial isn't specifically about Earthjustice, the Sierra Club or enviro organizations in Oregon. It's about the absurd ethos of environmental organizations that put the needs of earth's human habitants in the crosshairs of demented justice for planet earth.


Dennis M. Becklin, Publisher







Contact info: Dennis M. Becklin may be reached at dennis@roguerap.com.





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