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The Cows and Creeks, Managing for Healthier Watersheds was a good
, by Joanne Schifini, Sprague River 1/13/05 Oregon State University Workshop

  Steve Leonard spoke in place of Wayne Burkhardt stressing
that stubble height is a short term indicator.  Long term indicators must
consider vegetation, soil, and water  quantity and quality together.   Ron
Wiley reinforced most of the points made by Steve Leonard with further
discussion and slides.    Jimmy Eisner showed slides of several before and
after creeks where some management practices had been changed.  The results
were amazing.   Sandra Wyman showed slides of GPS tracked cows grazing in
highland as compared to riparian grazing.  This was accomplished with water
and food supplements moved to higher ground and other management
techniques.    There were lots of free handouts, brochures, and copies of
the slide presentations.   The workshop concluded slightly ahead of the
3:30 p.m. schedule.

This same presentation was given in the Prineville area January 11, 2005 to
105 people.  Beatty group count was at 40 people with participants and

Worthwhile presentation and the lunch catered by the Sprague River Station
was very good.




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