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 Lemmings, Disband!

1/30/09 by Jim Beers

Anyone that has ever thought that recent Chinese or German or Japanese societies were composed of automatons that would blindly obey their government right or wrong, think again. Some of the most obedient and subservient societies throughout history have much in common with the gullibility and blind obedience of the modern American citizenry. Take weather.

Only a short while ago, "experts" forecasted worldwide global "cooling" due to human activities. When that was debunked and after about 10 years (for us to forget) the "experts" reversed themselves and began forecasting worldwide global "warming" due to human activities.

After several unsuccessful attempts to blame the reputed "warming" on everything from logging and automobiles to agriculture and rural residences, the experts struck pay dirt of a "bonanza" proportion. I say "pay dirt" because, like the gold miner searching for "dirt" (gold) that would "pay", the powerful groups behind the "warming" claims were searching for a bugaboo to blame for their reputed global warming that would accomplish their individual and collective agendas.

The bugaboo "causing" global warming that the "experts" came up with and are now struggling to affirm is carbon dioxide. This was truly a bugaboo of "bonanza" proportions because it is everywhere in great abundance and involved in everything from livestock production to industrial businesses, all of which an array of radical groups want to control or eliminate. Carbon dioxide is really the penultimate bugaboo since it is:

-Used by all plants during photosynthesis and ultimately reused in respiration and to make starches, cellulose, and proteins among many other products.

-Produced during respiration by all animals, fungi, and microorganisms.

-Generated by volcanoes, combustion of fossil fuels, hot springs, and geysers.

-Used by the food industry, the oil industry, and the chemical industry.

Disproving such a false claim about carbon dioxide that it "causes" global warming is like disproving a claim that oceanic atmospherics are the primary cause for desertification and the increase in asthma in schoolchildren. "My 'expert' says", "your 'expert' says" are simply the tribal calls for us to divide into the usual two camps; one camp expressing fear and looking for a savior, the other camp saying it is baloney and merely an excuse for government to further oppress the citizenry. The "dialogue" quickly descends into name-calling and a blizzard of "facts" that elude most of the public and confounds any rational exchange of ideas.

As so often happens these days with many such issues, "experts" divide into three camps. First, there are the originators of the "discovery". For whatever reasons; from a child-like commitment to their special area of study or concern, to a truly scientific search for truth based on initial attitudes of everything from government roles to the worth of human life, to an expectation and promise of receiving future government grants or sharing governmental power based on the "discovery" and "what 'must' be done"; the "discoverers" are the "experts" that are financed and touted by all the politicians, bureaucrats, and interest groups that anticipate benefiting from the "discovery". Second, there are the skeptics that deny there is a problem and begin disproving the claims of the "discoverers" and their cohorts. Invariably, a fair commentary on the "give and take" of this dialogue goes either unreported for reasons ranging from media bias to the inability of the general public to follow much less understand the debate. Third and most hopefully, there is a growing body of informed, educated, and curious citizens that follow the debate and try to make honest decisions about the "problem" and recommended "solutions".

The powerful groups and individuals financing and supporting the global warming claims all stand to benefit personally and professionally in one way or another from the acceptance of the claims and the solutions advanced.

-Politicians and political parties benefit from posturing for the votes of ill-informed voters and the financial and media support of an array of Fabian-socialist interest groups like vegetarians, environmentalists, animal rights radicals, unions, feminists, Malthusians, atheists, globalists, anti-capitalists, and elite intellectuals that are collectively devoted to remaking America into a socialist and ultimately a communist society.
(NOTE: A kind reader recently sent me a book titled Fabian Freeway, High Road to Socialism in the USA 1884-1966 by Rose L. Martin, Published by Heritage Foundation -Chicago-. I highly recommend it, though I am only halfway through it, to anyone interested learning about one of the deep and strong roots of the socialist changes that are becoming increasingly prevalent in both our government and way of life. Understanding "Fabian-socialism" is relevant both to an understanding of recent history as well as an understanding of the recent "bail-out" proposals by the Congress and the President.)

-Bureaucrats, especially at the federal level see "addressing" the global warming bugaboo as a sure-fire ticket to future stable and increased funding as well as a source of promotions over increased staffs and bonuses for an "unmeasurable" objective that provides perfect cover for favoritism and political career chicanery.

-University professors and other "scientists" that see global warming as a long-term future source of grants, tenure, publicity and funding from many sources.

-Billionaire busybodies buying political influence for a personal "legacy" such as George Soros as he influences Presidential political campaigns and New York Mayor Bloomberg as he bans trans-fats and salt in the diets of New Yorkers.

-Organizations like Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, Humane Society of the United States, Abortion Rights groups, Population Control organizations, lawyer guilds like the misnamed Natural Resources Defense Council, Public Employee Unions, and hundreds of other such groups all see the bugaboo and the solution as enabling their own agendas from the elimination of meat consumption and animal products to more government land ownership, control, and closure. These agendas not only aim to depopulate rural areas but additionally to set precedents and assert new and growing central government controls over every aspect of the rights and activities of as many people as possible for the mutual benefit of these alliances and consortiums.

The combination of power and money that these groups anticipate is almost beyond comprehension. The concomitant loss of freedoms and Constitutional rights for both citizens and State governments is either ignored or ridiculed as needless worry by a citizenry increasingly conditioned to government intervention over everything from what they eat to how they live to what they are "allowed" to "own".

Perhaps you already know all this. "So what", you ask? The same scenario with the same cast of characters is at work with many other issues as I write this. Consider the following model:

PROBLEM - Global Warming

BUGABOO - Uncontrolled carbon dioxide

SOLUTION - Increased and eventual absolute government control of private property, public property, and the lifestyles of American citizens. More laws, more government spending, and more bureaucracy. Stronger central/world government controls and diminished State and local government authority. Less individual rights (2nd Amendment, speech, religion, and other items mentioned in The Bill of Rights.)

Now apply that model to:

PROBLEM - No recognition of the "Rights" of animals.

BUGABOO(s) - Hunting, fishing, trapping, meat diets, fur use, pets, wildlife management, ranches, farms, etc.

SOLUTION - See above

PROBLEM - "Too many" people

BUGABOO - Children

SOLUTION - See above

PROBLEM - Health Care

BUGABOO(s) - Elderly, sick, disabled, "unwanted", and poor people

SOLUTION - See above

PROBLEM - Solitude

BUGABOO(s) - private land ownership, private and public land use and management, farming, ranching, rural residences, small towns, roads, logging, grazing, hunting, fishing, trapping, vehicles, wildlife management and use, lack of environmental "assessment", lack of (gov.) staff, lack of
(gov. funding), etc.

SOLUTION - See above

PROBLEM - Too few "Native Ecosystems"

BUGABOO(s) - See preceding topic, "Solitude"

SOLUTION - See above

PROBLEM - Changing numbers and distributions of plants and animals

BUGABOO(s) - See "Solitude"

SOLUTION - See above

PROBLEM - The presence of "Non-Native" (AKA "Invasive) Species

BUGABOO - Ownership of animals, commerce in animals, private property, rural economies, boats, trucks, and all manner of interstate and foreign commerce to name but a few

SOLUTION - See above

PROBLEM - Catastrophic fires on and near publicly owned lands

BUGABOO - See "Solitude"

SOLUTION - See "Solitude"

PROBLEM - Surly and disobedient (to government) citizens

BUGABOO - The 2nd Amendment

SOLUTION - See above re: guns, ammunition, licensing, "qualifying", possession, etc. especially in the urban models like Washington DC, "our Capitol", and Chicago where most of the current White House personnel originated

I could easily fill several pages with more such examples but that is not my point. What I ask you to consider is this:

Aside from whether or not you believe the "globe" is "warming, or whether you believe animals should have "rights", or that people should have guns, or that "Native Ecosystems" are vital, or that there are "too many people", or any of the "problems" and "bugaboos" mentioned above; the "SOLUTION" that is always advanced is NOT appropriate in a Constitutional Republic. The "solution" to all these things that is always advanced is to destroy our Constitutional Republic and steadily replace it with a "European-style Socialism". That European model has led to a demographically dying Europe that will very likely disappear in the lifetime of persons reading this. That socialism leads to the current "designer-communism" that rules Russia and is leading to the even quicker (than Europe) demographic demise of that nation. Add in the one-child policy of the other major communist model, China and you have population sex imbalance and a birthrate that cannot sustain any of those societies. While Malthusians, Darwinians and Fabian-socialists might cheer this, that sort of future is what we must avoid if we and our progeny are to continue to enjoy the freedoms and benefits that are still the envy of all the world. Therefore, "THE SOLUTION" to all these "PROBLEMS" and their purported "BUGABOOS" is threefold -

1. Verification of facts and a resistance to the "stampede" to "do something immediately about any such "PROBLEM".

2. Strong skepticism toward any purported "BUGABOO" until there is NO DOUBT that it is truly causing a "PROBLEM".

3. Most importantly, other than to avoid the immediate demise of our Nation, ONLY EMPLOY SOLUTIONS THAT MAINTAIN THE CONSTITUTIONAL BALANCE OF POWERS AND THE RIGHTS OF ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. This sounds too simple but it is the ONLY "SOLUTION" that American citizens should even consider as we face the future.

The cover page of Fabian Freeway has a quote from the gospel of Matthew, "No man can serve two masters". Either we serve the Constitutional Republic our forefathers bequeathed us or we serve the Fabian-socialists that will destroy that Constitution and place our descendants in a socialist state that will destroy the "truths" that our Founding Fathers fought and died to proclaim "to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness". Either we fight to preserve our "unalienable Rights" or we simply allow by default those that would create absolute power over us to establish that the only "Rights" we have are what they grant or choose to allow.

Lemmings live somewhat solitary lives until their populations get periodically too dense at which times they migrate en masse and often to almost total destruction. Today, we are like those lemmings. Free men do not have to scurry en masse like lemmings because men can reason and adjust quickly as they have throughout history. Free men can and should preserve their individuality and those things that we have come to take for granted in America and that we are letting slip through our fingers because of extended affluence, poor education, and an unwillingness to confront problems and solve them without destroying the very thing that guarantees our freedoms and rights. Choose to be a free man dedicated to preserving our Constitutional freedoms; leave Fabian-socialism to the lemmings.

Jim Beers

30 January 2009

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