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Measure 49 would take away rights

October 24, 2007 Statesman Journal Opinion

I see many letters why Measure 49 should be passed or shouldn't be. I would like to give you my beliefs on the subject.

I am 77 and a veteran of the Korean War, the Cold War and the Vietnam War. My forefathers all came over the Oregon Trail before and after the Civil War in horse-drawn wagons.

I bought my property in March 1973 and the property rights to sell parcels came with my purchase. Measure 49 gives me the right to sell three home sites unless the land is in a water-restricted area, soil classes 1 through 4 and forestland. These restrictions make Measure 37 null and void.

I had applied through Measure 37 and paid the legal costs of about $4,000 to partition my land. The application was approved by both the county and the state and will be killed if Measure 49 is passed. This is taking my property rights away, by our own governor and a few legislators.

I believe if my rights can be taken this way, then we could lose other rights through this shabby process.

-- Jim Shelton, Turner


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