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HERE for SB 986 Governor's Fish and Wildlife task force summary
Hi Don,
I just received this bomb this morning.  Looks like all out warfare to me with the governor's office and DSL.  We obviously need to get the entire fishing community and coastal folks lined up to defeat this one or they'll end fishing for everyone.

An emergency bill has been introduced at the legislature. Senate Bill 986, introduced by Sen. Bates, creates a task force picked by the governor to "separate functions of ODFW and asssign those functions to two or more other state agencies."  You can read into that "take over all authority of the Marine Divsion of ODFW and give it to Division of State Lands and State Parks Division." Then there will be no government sanity in the way of marine reserves sitings.

1) the gov. picks the "conservationists, hunters and fishermen"
2) as an emergency it takes effect July 1, 2007
3) if anyone quits, the governor immediately appoints someone he wants to fill that vacancy
4) the task force makes all its own rules
Apparently the gov. doesn't like to be told what he is trying to do won't work.
WE MUST ALERT EVERY FISHING INTEREST AND COASTAL ECONOMIC POWER TO BLITZ THE LEGISLATURE REGARDING THIS OUTRAGEOUS BILL. Call, email, and write every legislator you know, and as many as you can that you don't know.
I expect to be disciplined for my actions, but this will ruin this state!


Dear Senators Verger, Whitsett and Kruse

Kill this bill before it kills us fishermen! This bill is apparently designed to minimize further public input regarding marine “reserves” and fast tracks them into existence which looks like it will be the end of commercial fishing as we know it. Combine this with offshore aquaculture and wave energy “parks” and there isn’t enough productive ocean left for the small fishing family to survive. We are feeling more and more as if we are being attacked on so many fronts that we are paralyzed by the onslaught. Your help, as always, is appreciated.

Rick Goche


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