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Biomass plant should be stopped

Herald and News letter by Paul Fouch, Klamath Falls 7/25/12

   The July 20 paper said Klamath desperately needs the biomass plant that is proposed to be located along Highway 66 on the way to Keno to boost the local economy.


   While this sounds good on the surface, you should do some research to make up your own mind on the issue. Will the long-run net benefits of this project outweigh the damage the location will do and its hidden costs?


   Will the job count be as high as they estimate or is this just a sales pitch?


   Will the proposed site give Klamath a bad rap statewide by ruining one of the few scenic entrances to Klamath?


   Wonít this destroy the scenic beauty and rural atmosphere of the Klamath River Basin, do permanent damage to wetlands and wildlife habitats and risk the loss of our Pacific Migratory Bird Flyway along the river?


   Are you willing to let them take away our wood stoves so they can burn biomass, give them $7.5 million in property tax breaks, help pay government subsidies for the building and operation of the plant, let them cause massive traffic risks for residents and school buses along Highway 66 and risk the health of residents of Klamath Falls by dispersing toxic pollutants downwind to them?


   The majority of people in Klamath that I know ask: if they canít find a better site, do we really need this meager 42-megawatt project at all?


   After all we are getting the 1,380 megawatt Swan Lake Pump Storage plant and the 42-megawatt Cogen biomass plant in the next few years. You can start your research by going to the internet and visiting Save Our Rural Oregonís website at: http://stopklamathbiomass.wordpress.com  and search for other links such as the Energy Justice Network link.


   Paul Fouch


   Klamath Falls



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