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Global warming and fish at odds

by Henry Edwards, letter to editor of Herald and News 8/24/11

We seem to have a contest between global warming and extending fish habitat. While the latter would be nice, the former relates to extinguishing the human race on this planet and making it into a real hell long before that.

The world must shift to clean, green energy very soon or suffer dire consequences. Building wood- or coal-burning power plants at this stage of things (2,000 records set for all-time heat this winter and this summer) is a very bad idea (China builds one every two weeks or so, I read) and building or saving dams and other green, renewable energy sources is a very good idea.

America needs to lead the world into electric cars for city driving and into storing the energy from wind and solar power. This is technically very achievable. Every house or apartment building should have solar panels.

If the Native Americans want to introduce salmon into Upper Klamath Lake (there are lots of writers who say they were never there), they should take some of their earnings from casinos and spend it on fish ladders.

Building a wood-burning power plant on the doorstep of Klamath Falls is a bad idea going in the wrong direction, which will cost millions, spoil the air, result in constant truck traffic and lose the storage of huge amounts of water and green energy from the dams that will be blown up to create a few temporary jobs at a huge cost.

The trucks and pollutants will remain as well as the lack of water. (Guess who will pay for all this.)

Note: There was no winter in North Dakota this year! Our sons working there reported T-shirt weather all winter and no snow.

Henry F. Edwards

Klamath Falls




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