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Ahh, yes: biomass will solve all our problems

Herald and News letter to editor by Fred Charles, Klamath Falls 11/17/10

     In regards to the proposed biomass plant and the full-page news ads and the radio ads the Klamath County Economic Development Association have been bombarding us about what wonderful things a biomass plant will do for all the citizens in Klamath County: It sounds like the second coming of Christ.

   There will be no unemployment, no air pollution, no slash piles, no forest fires, no prescribed burns by the Forest Service; there’ll be nothing for them to burn. Our forests will be one big park and the air in Klamath County will be perfectly clean. It sounds like biomass is going to save us from ourselves.

   Biomass is going to bring all that wood though town and burn it in a huge woodburning stove and our air will be cleaner than it is now. Huh — am I missing something?  

   The stuff coming out the 175-foot smokestack won’t be pollution, it’ll be cotton candy, and the 800-plus semi-trucks blasting through town and out Highway 66 seven days a week won’t pollute the air or make any noise as they blast by our houses.

   Biomass will resolve that by having those trucks float by on little white clouds. It’ll be so clean and quiet we won’t even notice and we won’t have to breathe any of those nasty diesel fumes.

   Biomass is going to have those trucks spew out rose petals as they float by our houses. It will be a glorious sight to see. Now I know how Alice in Wonderland felt.

   I know that all of our civic and county leaders have been bought and sold with the biomass used car sales pitch on how great the Yugo will look in our driveways on Highway 66.

   After all, why should they be concerned — they’re not their driveways.

   Fred Charles


   Klamath Falls
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