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Biomass plants likely to keep people away

Herald and News letter to the editor by Annette Belz, Klamath Falls 6/12/11

Thursday’s newspaper announced a second proposed wood-burning biomass plant along Highway 66, which raises serious concerns.

The same issue’s editorial by Opinion Editor Pat Bushey touts the region’s natural wonders and the “goals of boosting tourism.”

How can we hope to attract tourists and new residents to a town with impure air and ugly landscape?

Will the attractions of Miller Island and other bird refuges still exist when a pall of smoke and noxious pollutants fill the area? Will the river support bird life and fish when toxic materials seep into it from biomass plants located on its shores?

And who in their right minds would choose to spend their vacation dollars to visit such an area? Do any of the commissioners and politicians look at the big picture? Or are they too busy “selling out” our natural beauty and healthy lifestyle in exchange for about 50 jobs after the two plants are operational?

Many of our current physicians are nearing retirement age. Do you believe younger doctors will choose to base their new practice (and their young families) in a town whose economy depends on several wood-burning plants?

We say we want to attract new residents and new businesses, and we’re told the biomass plants will bring jobs. But how many of our current residents (many of whom are retired and free to live where they choose) will move away from this town, thus depleting the area of the money they spend on taxes and discretionary spending?

I’d guess that many retirees have a much higher income than the younger residents this town hopes to attract — something to be considered.

The people who are making these decisions really need to look at the big picture. The easy answer is not usually the best answer to any problem.
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