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Bucket symbolizes key struggle in community

Herald and News letter to the editor by Rudy Hiley, Tulelake 9/25/14

     The bucket, which is now nearly out of sight, is by no means out of mind. Why? Because it continues to symbolize the struggle against tyranny and oppression which so many of our heroes have sweated, suffered, bled and died for.  

   The Bucket reminds me that the greater evil can rise from dangerously empowered, naive compassionates who love and seek after the wrong things too much; so much that the decent and productive end up being sacrificed to something marginal.

   If we lose sight of what is truly vital and essential, and apocalyptically scale and price everything against some insipid nothing of exaggerated value (like the Marxist based concept of sustainability), cataclysmic loss and chaos is inevitable.

   It also reminds me that given enough time the protector can become the oppressor. Such has been proven over and over again because of the inescapable human truth that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

   If constitutional protections had been honestly considered and thus allowed to shield the citizens of the Klamath Basin there would have been no need for our two famous buckets. Instead, to this very day agenda driven members of the judiciary, media, environmental groups, scientific community, government (those who ignore their oath) etc. successfully continue in their attempt to environmentally putinize the Greater   Klamath Basin. The Bucket belongs in full courthouse view, at least until there no longer exists the corrupt absolute power to persecute brave and honest integrity officers and whistle-blowers.


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