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He needs to give us accurate definitions
"(Kepple) calls some people “ideologues...who are bent on pursuit of a far right so-called 'Constitutional brand of conservatism' who will go nowhere in Salem.”

Letter to the editor by George Warner, Klamath Falls, Herald and News 10/18/16


I'm confused.

Mr. Kepple, a brand new Republican, says that if elected he “... will uphold conservative values.”

Many say they have conservative values, and we wonder what this means. What are his “conservative values?”

He calls some people “ideologues...who are bent on pursuit of a far right so-called 'Constitutional brand of conservatism' who will go nowhere in Salem.”

Does he believe there is “non-Constitutional” conservatism? I wonder how his conservative values differ from theirs?

I also wonder about his definition of the “far-right” (or the far left, as far as that goes). Does he find the Constitution to be an old document, which should be brought up to date by using the Supreme Court to bypass the amendment process still required by the Constitution?

That seems to be what the League of Women Voters is trying to do, relative to the Electoral College. What is wrong with following the original intent of those who wrote it?

Mr. Kepple seems to more-or-less imply that he feels his opponent on the Republican ticket would not have civil dialogue with the Democrats in Salem, and won't make connections, (whatever that means), which is silly.

From history, one will find that very few, if any, of the signers of the Constitution were concerned about “making connections” anywhere. All of the founders paid dearly for their efforts in creating the Constitution. Too many of them lost everything.

They debated for years before they came to agreement — and they came to agree that they would only accept a government that was limited by the document they drew up.

Our Constitution is universally recognized as the greatest document of government mankind ever created and we should demand that whoever we send to Salem must recognize that fact.

George Warner

Klamath Falls


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