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Herald and News letter to editor by Bernice house, Klamath Falls 10/21/16



Think, people, think!

We have two Republicans running for office, one for Representative and one for Senate (Reschke and Linthicum). Stop and think, the other two running under the Democratic ticket (Switzer and Kepple), who say they are Republicans are finally showing their true colors.

If they were serious about running they would have filed on or before time. If they will wait to the last minute to make important decisions like running for office (do they really want to serve or be served?), will they wait until the last minute to read/respond to other important issues that come up in the Senate or House think, people, think.

Neither of them are conservatives or necessarily principled, unless it is to carry forward their own personal agenda. Remember Switzer and the road shop lots of county money wasted because he wanted it not because it served the county at the time. And what about Kepple going after the Tourism contract back in 2008 while he was an employee of the county without the formal approval of the full board of commissioners? Not very ethical for a state senator. Think, people, think.

Bernice House

Klamath Falls



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