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Oregon in dark days in its political direction

Herald and News letter to the editor by former Klamath County Commissioner Bill Brown 10/20/16

Turn on the lights in Oregon!

Oregon is known to be one of the darkest states in our nation spiritually and politically.

I concur based on our past four liberal governors, our Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley were voted as two of the most liberal in our nation, representativesí from Oregon are all liberal Democrats with Rep. Greg Walden clinging to some form of Republican status while our Oregon State House and Senate are controlled by liberal Democrats.

This liberal, socialist leadership has made Oregon non-recognizable for those of us that have deep roots in Oregon dating back, in my case, to the 1850s.

Oregon has everything we need to be at the top of the list economically with an abundance of natural resources. Instead we are curtailing the use of our natural resource industries and manufacturing with dire consequences to our state and local budgets needed to support our government machines such as education, health care, transportation, etc.

Oregon has the most liberal legislation related to abortion, gay marriage, and gun control with a tax-and-spend agenda that has Oregon in fiscal dire straits.

Locally, it is obvious our local liberal Democrats and self-anointed Republicans want our next representative and senator to cater to liberal interests unlike Sen. Doug Whitsett and Rep. Gail Whitsett who fought them with facts on a number of issues.

They want Switzer and Kepple elected so they will play nice with their fellow Democrats and liberal Republicans who support them.

I hear them described as honest, trustworthy and moral. In my four years as Klamath County Commissioner, I did not observe these honorable traits especially with Switzer. He proved to be the most self-serving, self-promoting, manipulative, deceitful, tax-and-spend liberal I ever dealt with in my 45 years in the workforce. Kepple is his prodigy.

Bill Brown

Klamath Falls




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