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Things the pro-Kepple letter didn't mention

Letter to editor of Herald and News by Diana Cornelius, Klamath Falls 10/20/16

In response to Democrat Chuck wells recent letter regarding Todd Kepple’s Democrat candidacy for the Oregon Senate:

Why doesn’t Wells mention he is a former head and still active member of the local Democrat Party?

Why doesn’t Wells mention that Kepple or anyone else could have filed as a candidate before the filing deadline?

Why doesn’t he mention that seven sitting candidates in the Oregon legislature filed in the fall of 2015, only to withdraw towards the final days, hours and minutes, before and after the end of the last grueling and contentious legislative session?

Or that of these 7, four were Republicans and three Democrats including members of the Democrat legislative leadership?

Why doesn’t he mention this process is completely legal, doesn’t violate Oregon ethics laws, and doesn’t represent any official misconduct on behalf of any legislative candidate or process?

Why doesn’t he mention that Democrat Republican Ben Unger (who now heads up the Measure 97 tax measure) followed the same procedure and Democrat Susan McLain presently sits in his district seat?

Where is Well’s outrage at his own party?

Why doesn’t he mention that the Senate write-in candidates, with their KBRA and Klamath dam-removal supporters backed by very well-heeled big-moneyed lobbyists, spent tens of thousands of dollars more campaign money than Linthicum in the primary election, waging the dirtiest one-sided attack campaign in recent history and still failed to earn enough votes to get on the ballot as either Republican or Independent?

Why doesn’t he mention that Todd Kepple was a registered Democrat when Obama was elected, then registered non-affiliated, and only registered Republican in March of 2016 when it was convenient to do so well after the filing deadline?

So who really is deceiving the public? Like Al Gore, the Democrat letter writer and Democrat candidate Kepple have left out these “inconvenient truths.”

Diana Cornelius

Klamath Falls




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