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We need Linthicum as our state senator

Letter to editor of Herald and News by Lisa Johnson, Klamath Falls 10/16/16

I first met Dennis Linthicum when he was a county commissioner and I went to his office to discuss my concerns with our county.

I found his values and mine ran parallel as we were both strict constitutional conservatives. I was very confident in the direction of his leadership for this county and trusted the direction he wanted to see this county go.

I believe in his values and he would fight without compromise with the leadership that has taken over the government in Salem. I don't want a "pragmatic" approach as I want a representative who will stand up for my values win or lose.I want my representative to fight against the simple "solution" of constantly going to the taxpayers for more and more money.

I want someone who loves our state and federal constitutions and is willing to fight to uphold them. The buzzword in government is "compromise" and that is the reason we have been dragged into the fiscal mess we are in now.

We truly need a man of Mr. Linthicum's character who has a record of working for this county and the people here and not bound to any special interest groups that seem to want to pull this rural district to a more tax-and-spend arena.

I want a representative who will fight to reduce my tax burden in this state and fight, win or lose to get this state back to a more fiscally conservative, live-within-our means budget.

We are bankrupting our state and our children's future with all the "pork barrel spending" programs that get carried through Salem.

I thoroughly believe that Mr. Linthicum will be the representative that will fight for all of us and be a representative we all can be proud to support. I encourage your vote for Dennis Linthicum for state senator.

Lisa Johnson

Klamath Falls




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