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Werner Reschke will put our liberty first

letter to the editor of Herald and News by Grant Knoll, Klamath Falls 10/23/16


I am voting for Werner Reschke for state representative. His opponent, Al Switzer, is a 16-year politician.

Evidence shows Switzer’s stance is in favor of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and yet at the same time is against dam removal.

During the signing of the KBRA by Switzer, Klamath County's legal counsel stated, “The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement is a dam removal agreement whose signers agree to support and advocate for dam removal.”

While this point is obvious, I raise it because I have heard people express general support for the agreement but no dam removal. If you do not support dam removal, this is the wrong agreement to sign. I see no way around this basic point.

Switzer went against legal counsel and the will of the people he was elected to represent by signing the KBRA and thus paving the way for removal of dams on the Klamath River.

Due to Switzer’s support of dam removal and KBRA we are now reaping the backlash of his terrible decision. Is this the kind of representative we want in Salem?

The will of the county citizens is still 3 to 1 against dam removal. Are you listening, Mr. Switzer? How can we trust you when your prior actions speak louder than your words and you deny the people’s voices you were elected to represent?

Werner Reschke is a man of honor and integrity. He has been against the KBRA and dam removal on the Klamath River from the beginning.

He is a constitutional conservative who will represent all of us in Klamath and Lake counties, not just the special interest groups. When Werner says something, we can trust him to do the right thing, not the political thing. I am voting for Werner Reschke for state representative, a man who will put our liberty first.

Grant Knoll

Klamath Falls


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