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A Republican Candidate for Attorney General After All...
Write in Ron Saxton

May 3, 2008, The Write Idea

Those registered Republican voters in Oregon who have received their ballots may have noticed that no Republican filed to run for Attorney General.
If a candidate gets enough write-in votes in a primary election, they can still appear on the ballot in November if they are qualified and accept the nomination. Normally when no candidate from one party files to run for an office, a candidate of the other party organizes a write-in campaign to win the nomination for both parties. This year however, in the Oregon Attorney Generalís race there is a tough primary between two Democrats, Greg Macpherson a far-left Legislator, and Professor John Kroger who has taken HUGE donations from unions, making it difficult to run a write-in campaign as well. Also, a lot of usual RINO's, who would typically write in one of the Democrats, will be voting in the important Democratic Presidential primary.

All this leaves an opening for a Republican candidate. Enter Ron Saxton, a former attorney and School Board Chairman who ran for Governor in 2002 and 2006, winning the nomination, but failing to win the general, in 2006.

After the 2006 election Saxton said he was unlikely to seek public office again. However, if he is nominated by write-in votes, he would likely accept the nomination. Saxton has the qualifications, high name-recognition, and fairly moderate positions on the issues that it will take to win the general election.

Republicans should consider writing-in Ron Saxton (that's R-o-n S-a-x-t-o-n) for Attorney General as they vote in the next few weeks (don't forget to fill in the bubble as well). He will need the support of many Republicans to stave off any write-in efforts by the Democratic candidates, so anybody interested in voting for him should tell all their friends, too.
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