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Why I'm Running
John Martinez Assembly 2 Candidate, 3/14/08
Contact: 530.598.6896
Many folks in the North State have warned grassroots Republican activists that running for Doug LaMalfa's District 2 Assembly seat is fraught with personal danger.  That in fact, any viable grassroots candidate will be subjected to a barrage of deceitful, twisted and personally damaging attacks.  These attacks will be directed from the highest-priced political assassins the state of California has to offer and condoned by establishment Republicans.  From "whisper campaigns" to professional attack ads the elite within the Republican Party in Sacramento will try to ensure that the grassroots voice is killed.
The North State Republican Party grassroots is at the crossroads.  The District 2 Assembly race represents the turning point.  As we stand at the crossroads we are confronted by two very different paths.  The path we choose will determine the overall health and well-being of our small communities.  One choice results in much more of our water flowing through the rich rice farms down through the future peripheral canal and eventually into the LA basin.  The other path is one in which our small farmers, ranchers and communities will know they have a better than fair fighting chance to hold onto to their water. 
Establishment Republicans seek to control and dominate the North State.   Naming or "coronating" LaMalfa's successor strengthens the establishment Republicans' grip over local politics and resources, mostly water.  The individual grassroots Republican voter is the only thing that stands in the way of establishment Republicans turning the North State into a political fiefdom for the sole benefit of their special interests.
I'm running because it is my firm belief that the Republican NorCal Grassroots must unite against heavy-handed politics directed from back room deal makers in Sacramento.  The grassroots IS the Republican Party.  We must rise up and reclaim what is rightfully OURS.  I will lead the NorCal Grassroots to victory to ensure we do not become a special interest fiefdom for major agri-business, real estate development and metropolitan water districts down south. 
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