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California Fish and Game Director Chuck Bonham met with Siskiyou County Ranchers, Farmers and Government Officials

1/30/13  News Director Corkey Small, Buffalo Broadcasting News Service

Chuck Bonham, Director of the California Department of Fish and Game, met individually with members of the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors yesterday.  Buffalo Broadcasting will bring you details of those meetings at a later date.  Later in the Day, Mr. Bonham met with 25 Siskiyou County ranchers, farmers and water right owners in an open forum setting.  The meeting was arranged by Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey in order that landowners could express opinions regarding resource issues which face our county.

There was nothing of substance forthcoming due to the one hour time restriction placed on the meeting by CDFG, however none of the participants missed the opportunity to express their displeasure with the agency.

Coho salmon and water issues were in the forefront, with mining and wolves also being discussed.

Leaving the meeting, one could say that perhaps none of our problems were solved, but there is no doubt that Mr. Bonham knows where the citizens of Siskiyou stand on these contentious issues.  Congressman LaMalfa and Senator Nielsen’s offices sent representatives.  Sheriff Lopey was also in attendance.

Among the points made:

Voters, taxpayers, property and water right owners object strongly to being given equal standing to the so-called “stakeholders” such as the Klamath River Keepers.

Mr. Bonham agreed that property owners should be held in much higher esteem than KS wild or other groups who have nothing to lose in resource decisions.

The property owners of Siskiyou County will not tolerate the illegal taking of property or water by CDFG or any other agency of the government.

No Comment from Mr. Bonham.

Mr. Bonham made the categorical statement that CDFG has no current plan to introduce wolves into California.

Mr. Bonham agreed to look at the destruction caused by the huge elk herds to Butte Valley ranchers.

It is fairly certain the CDFG will pursue the Coho salmon permit which it has been trying for years to get.  Under Mr. Bonham’s leadership, they will be smarter in the attempt to gain control over water rights and instream flows.

The Fish and Game Commission is meeting in Mt, Shasta on March 7.  It would be in the interest of every property owner in Siskiyou County to attend this meeting.

Siskiyou mining interests were well represented by Mike Adams.  Mr. Adams insisted that CDFG comply with the law and finish the EIR, regulatory process and fee structure, so that miners could get back to work.

Mr. Bonham agreed to look revisit this issue from Sacramento.

One member of the Karuk Tribe also representing miners spoke of the greed and corruption which has been present in the Karuk Department of Natural Resources.  This gentleman also wishes to get back to making a living for his family.  Buster Attebury, Council Chairman, is trying to get a handle on these suspect activities in order to improve the situation for all of the Karuk people and not just a select few.

No Comment from Mr. Bonham on this issue.

The common theme from the people of Siskiyou County to CDFG is this:

Where is the Common Sense?  We would all like to know the answer.

This is your News Director Corkey Small reporting for Buffalo Broadcasting.






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