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 California Farm Bureau Federation 9/17/05
Since the 2005 legislative session has just ended (last Thursday night), we will not be having a Friday Review this week.
However, here are lists of bills that are on the Governor's desk.
To send a letter to the Governor urging his signature, click on the bill number:
SB 453 relating to rural crime prevention
AB 365 relating to greenhouse agriculture
To send a letter to the Governor urging his veto, click on the bill number:
SB 455 increases pesticide violation penalties
SB 820  imposes new costs on farm water users
AB 48   minimum wage increase
AB 1328  threatens private water rights
For a complete list of all bills on the Farm Team website click here.
Ariana S. Fernandez
Legislative Assistant
Governmental Affairs Division
California Farm Bureau Federation
Sacramento, CA



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