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Klamath Basin Conference Planning

Meeting Notes February 22, 2006
3:00-4:45 pm ERO Office Klamath Falls


Lindsey Lyons Donna Burcher (phone)
Bob Chadwick Amy Hansen (phone)
Alice Kilham Steve Steinberg (phone)
Dave Ross Paula Yoon (Phone)
John Neeling
Curt Mullis
Ron Hathaway

Lindsey reported that a listserve has been created with over 30 participants that want to remain informed of Klamath Conference Planning issues and updates. Lindsey reported that agendas and meeting notes from these meetings will be distributed to the entire listserve monthly.


Lindsey Lyons reported that there was full availability in Yreka at the Minerís Inn and in Redding at the Red Lion Hotel and the Win River Casino for both the October 23-26 and November 6-9, 2006 dates. A discussion followed on pros and cons of each including but not limited to the following factors

  • In basin (Yreka) versus out of basin (Redding)
  • Cost, cheaper at Minerís Inn
  • Travel distance for basin residents, Redding less for Lower Basin
  • Space and room flexibility, Redding much larger space, Yreka may not be enough!
  • Ease for legislators to travel to, Redding is easiest

The committee then took a vote and decided that the Red Lion in Redding would provide the greatest use of space, travel distance/time, and lodging and food diversity. The date of November 6-9 was selected to avoid onion and other harvests in the Upper Basin and a break in the commercial fishing season between salmon and crab in the lower basin. Lindsey reported that she contacted Marshall Staunton and the Klamath Water Users about the October date, but heard no response. Therefore, the November date was voted as the safest bet.

Alice Kilham noted that Tuesday November 7, 2006 is Election Day. She advised that people could vote absentee, and legislators could come to visit later that week.

Lindsey is to contact Red Lion to reserve date as soon as possible. Lindsey was also advised to have pricing include four lunches, a wine and cheese social, hotel rooms, morning coffee and snacks, and afternoon refreshments. She was also advised to obtain a room rate from the Grand Manor Inn across the street to have Red Lion price match to save participants money.

Lindsey asked Alice to declare a date and send to stakeholders list announcing the conference. Alice agreed, but wants to clarify details with possible BOR event in fall before announcing. Curt Mullis and Ron Hathaway will discuss conference plan with Christine (BOR Klamath Falls), to ensure that everyone is working towards common goal.

COMMUNICATIONS: Amy Hansen updated that Bob Chadwick invited her to spearhead the effort towards basin-wide communications and that she would prepare demonstration stations for the actual conference. Amy shared that she is very excited about the idea, but is skeptical that the RCD board will approve her time and effort into the task without supplemental funding. She informed us that Judy McHugh of the USFS (Klamath National Forest) applied for a $20,000 grant to help with communications throughout the basin, but that she has not heard how this turned out. Amy agreed to follow up with Judy on this matter. Amy will discuss this matter with her board on February 27, 2006 and report back to the group with the amount that she can contribute. All interested parties are encouraged to supply Amy with funding opportunities to make this work.

Steve announced that this would be a good fit for his position with Humboldt State University, but that he is unsure about his funding past April 2006. He is willing to help as much as possible until then, and hopes to continue beyond.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: John Neeling and Dave Ross shared that they have begun reviewing potential candidates to fund this event. They have been reviewing materials from the Oregon Community Foundation, Aspen Institute, Sonoran Institute, Ford Family Foundation, and the WK Kellogg Foundation. Dave has been in contact with James Hunty of Sustainable Northwest about possible assistance in this arena. Dave and John requested a "white paper" summarizing goals and missions of this conference and the future Congress of the Klamath Basin. Lindsey agreed to send all supporting information via e-mail as soon as possible.

Paula Yoon agreed to research and pursue Headwaters Funds from the County. She will take the lead and see what needs to be accomplished to create a pre-proposal.

Lindsey will contact previous funders and see what is available to assist this year.

Steve Steinberg will research community-based grants through the Humboldt Area foundation that has monthly grants (up to $2000). He believes this would be a quick source of a few dollars. Their University foundation is a 501(c)3 so Steve agreed to assist in channeling/handling grants. Lindsey is to provide him with supporting materials as necessary.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Bob Chadwick reported that the sample agenda has been sent to all of his committee with little response. The response that was received was positive. Bob has agrees to take the lead on this front and will gather his program development committee for a sub-committee meeting before the next planning meeting.

Bob and Alice declared they wanted to start building sub-basin support as soon as the week of March 13, 2006. They would travel the basin, providing examples from documents such as the Shasta Valley RCD Annual Report. Lindsey shared, and Bob agreed that it would great to provide all sub-basins with about $200.00 project money to pull this group/presentation/poster/display together. Any idea for funding this?

SCIENCE AND LEGISLATION: Alice reported that she has been communicating the message. She recently learned of a potential BOR science event in the fall, and requested some time to discuss this issue more with them. She has been working with Curt Mullis to outline what a day of science would look like at this meeting. In addition, she hopes to work on the creation of a basin-wide science team for the congress. Legislators will be formerly invited soon.

Steve will research printing and graphics options through Humboldt State University. Lindsey will get him contact information for this.

Alice will get the date on OneBasin.org

Lindsey will get the event on the Klamath Calendar.

Paula is still interested in pursuing the potential of funding the Klamath Conference with HR1760 funds. She will pursue this issue and report findings at the next meeting.

All subcommittees will meet once before the next planning meeting set for March 29, 2006 at 3:00 pm at USFWS ERO Office in Klamath Falls (and by phone).




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