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 Chadwick 6/24/05 -- email to participants and Chadwick mailing list:
Hello, everyone.  I wanted to send you a list of people who are planning to attend the workshop in Chiloquin next week, so you'll know who to expect.  A few will be attending only one or two days, but most will be there for the full workshop.  I want to thank particularly Jon Snider & Jason Vaillancourt, of Rep. Greg Walden & Sen. Gordon Smith's offices, who will join us on Wednesday.
I'm also attaching a document that summarizes the key issues identified by the participants in the past four workshops.  Those will be our focus areas on the third day of the workshop, and we will decide whether and how to move ahead with them.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Terry Morton
 PARTICIPANTS July2004-June 2005      
  First Name Last Name Email Address Organization Name SB EC KC TC CO
1 Matt Barry mbarry@tnc.org The Nature Conservancy         X
2 Bill  Bennett bennett@water.ca.gov California Dept. of Water Resources X X X X X
3 Ruth Ellen Boyle ruthellenboyle@yahoo.com Humboldt State University   X X X X
4 Bill Brown bbrown@co.klamath.or.us Klamath County Commissioner       X X
5 Katherine Bruce katherine.bruce@or.usda.gov NRCS         X
6 Donna Burcher dburcher@yahoo.com Ore-Cal RC & D X     X X
7 Tom  Burns garlandw@alwaysonnetworks.com Klamath Direct   X   X X
8 Harry Carlson hlcarlson@ucdavis.edu UC Davis Intermountain Research Center       X X
9 Bob Chadwick wick5836@aol.com Consensus Associates X X X X X
10 Debbe Chadwick missdebbe@aol.com Consensus Associates       X X
11 Steve Cheyne scheyne485@aol.com Klamath Bucket Brigade       X X
12 Mike Connelly connelly@kbef.org Klamath Basin Ecosystem Foundation       X X
13 Deb  Crisp tgatopromoteag@cot.net Tulelake Irrigation District         X
14 Helen Crume-Smith   Klamath Tribes     X X X
15 Phil  Detrich phillip_detrich@fws.gov US Fish & Wildlife Service X X X   X
16 Larry Dunsmoor lkdunsmoor@aol.com Klamath Tribes       X X
17 Lori Fernlund lori.fernlund@oregonstate.edu Oregon State Extension - Klamath     X X X
18 Troy Fletcher tfletcher@yuroktribe.nsn.us Yurok Tribe X   X X X
19 Don  Flickinger donald.flickinger@noaa.gov NOAA Fisheries   X     X
20 Jaclyn Ford   BLM Klamath Falls         X
21 Cliff Fox cliff.fox@or.usda.gov NRCS       X X
22 Dawn Marie Gaid gaidd@onid.orst.edu Consensus Associates X       X
23 Robert Gearheart rag2@humboldt.edu Humboldt State University   X     X
24 Jayne Goodwin jlgoodwin@fs.fed.us Fremont-Winema National Forest       X X
25 Kyle Gorman kyle.g.gorman@wrd.state.or.us Oregon Water Resources Dept   X   X X
26 Barbara Hall klamathrelief@aol.com Klamath Bucket Brigade       X X
27 Jerry Haugen jhaugen@fs.fed.us Fremont-Winema National Forest         X
28 Vivian Helliwell shadoh@mcn.org Salmon Returning PCFFA         X
29 Jennie  Hoblit jhoblit@mp.usbr.gov USBR Klamath Falls X X X X X
30 Dave Hogen dhogen@fs.fed.us Fremont-Winema National Forest         X
31 Marc Horney marc.horney@ca.usda.gov USDA-NRCS         X
32 Bob Hunter bob@waterwatch.org Water Watch of Oregon         X
33 Becky Hyde yainix@jeffnet.org Yainix Ranch X X X X X
34 Garrick Jackson   Klamath Tribes     X X X
35 Philip Jackson   Klamath Tribes     X X X
36 Judith Jensen judith.jensen@educationalsolutions.org Educational Solutions         X
37 Christine  Karas ckaras@mp.usbr.gov USBR Klamath Falls   X X X X
38 Bill Kennedy lostriverranch@earthlink.net Lost River Ranch       X X
39 Alice  Kilham akilham@jeffnet.org Klamath River Compact Commission X X X X X
40 Jacqui Krizo krizohr@cot.net Klamath Basin Crisis       X X
41 Irma Lagomarsino irma.lagomarsino@noaa.gov NOAA Fisheries       X X
42 Marilyn Livingston   Private Landowner       X X
43 Linda Long crterlk@aol.com Crater Lake Realty       X X
44 Mike Lunn mcalunn@bendnet.com Solutions for Sustainability       X X
45 Susan Luxton susan.luxton@educationalsolutions.org Educational Solutions         X
46 Sue Mattenberger sue_mattenberger@fws.gov US Fish & Wildlife (Klamath Falls)         X
47 Kerry  Mauro kmauro2@yahoo.com Mt. Shasta Audubon   X   X X
48 Theresa May tjm33@humboldt.edu Humboldt State University X   X   X
49 Judith Messier jymessier@aol.com Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution       X X
50 Jeff Mitchell mohiswaqs@aol.com Klamath Tribes     X X X
51 Terry Morton tmorton884@aol.com Cascade Quality Solutions X X X X X
52 Stephen Most smost@earthlink.net Oregon Historical Society         X
53 Curt Mullis curt_mullis@fws.gov US Fish & Wildlife Service--Klamath Falls X   X X X
54 Rae  Olsen rolsen@mp.usbr.gov USBR Klamath Falls X X X X X
55 Shannon Peterson Shannon.Peterson@kbrt.org Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust X     X X
56 Gareth  Plank egpranch@yahoo.com Scott Valley Rancher   X X X X
57 Richard Ragan rragan@fs.fed.us USFS Chiloquin Ranger Dist.         X
58 Yvonne Rauch rauchy@oit.edu Oregon Institute of Technology   X X X X
59 Ron  Reed rreed@karuk.us Kaurk Tribe X   X X X
60 Jim Regan-Vienop jim.reganvienop@or.usda.gov NRCS       X X
61 Mary Roehrich maryr@sisqtel.net Mt. Shasta Audubon   X X X X
62 Cory Scott cory.scott@pacificorp.com Pacificorp       X X
63 Karen  Shimamoto kshimamoto@fs.fed.us USDA Forest Service   X   X X
64 Terry Simpson tlsimpson@fs.fed.us Fremont-Winema National Forest       X X
65 John Smith jasmith@bpa.gov Bonneville Power Administration         X
66 John Snider john.snider@mail.house.gov Congressman Greg Walden's Office         X
67 Mark  Stern mstern@tnc.org The Nature Conservancy   X X   X
68 Kristi Swisher kswisher@mp.usbr.gov Bureau of Reclamation       X X
69 Jason Vaillancourt jason_vaillancourt@gsmith.senate.gov Senator Gordon Smith         X
70 Anita Ward warda2j@cvc.net Upper Klamath Basin Working Group     X   X
71 Wedge Watkins wedge_watkins@or.blm.gov Bureau of Land Management       X X
72 Sally Wells cswells@alwaysonnetworks.com Concerned Friends of the Winema X       X
73 Cindy Williams cwilliams@mp.usbr.gov Bureau of Reclamation         X
74 David  Ross dave_ross@r1.fws.gov ERO/USFWS   X   X X
75 Marshall Staunton marshall@cot.net Klamath Project Farmer  X   X X X
76 Danette  Watson Danette.watson@oregonstate.edu Klamath Watershed Council Cood.   X X X X
77 Paula  Yoon pfyoon@sprintmail.com Fisheries Focus/Redwood Region X X X X X



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