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Klamath Congress planning meeting for 6/7/06
HERE for more on Chadwick (where the stakeholders group and focus areas were formed)

Hello All,

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting an update on the planning of the 2006 Klamath Basin Watershed Conference. In all honesty..due to funding issues in my grant funded position, I had to step back from conference planning for a month or two to secure my own employment funds to continue this effort (and the other watershed education efforts in our office and the Upper Klamath Basin). So, I apologize for the delay and lack of communication- and hopefully made you aware that there is a need for funds for "Basin-wide Education/Outreach Coordinator" to work on stakeholder issues, conference planning etc. as this is not in the budget for our office. We are trying our best, but also have to assess the future.

Funding recently came through for my position (in a different capacity than before) but I can hopefully continue coordination until July 30, 2006 (at a minimum). Potentially (HOPEFULLY) through the conference in November 2006. I also wrote a grant for a full-time position, in which Extension could hire ANOTHER BODY to coordinate these efforts from July 2006-December 2007, and should hear back any day on the outcome of that proposal. There is most certainly a need… You will be informed either way.

Regardless, I am here now, funded, and back on track. Here are some things that we have recently accomplished.

1. The Conference has been confirmed for November 7-9, 2006 at Holiday Inn in Redding, CA! A deposit has been made and the dates and times are FINAL. The conference will begin at 1:00 pm on 11/7/2006 and end 4:30 pm on 11/9/2006. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ON THIS. A plan for promotion will be developed at a planning meeting on June 7 (info below).

Check out the conference meeting facilities at:

Other Hotel Information for Holiday Inn:

2. A Conference Summary document (who, what, when, where, why) has been created ("white paper") for use by planning committee to gain funding, or for other to spread the word. That document is attached and you have permission to distribute.

3. Humboldt State University has agreed to do printing and conference invitations will go out by mail and e-mail/website in September 2006.

4. An agenda has been drafted, will be reviewed at the next planning (June 7) meeting and will be ready for distribution by the end of June 2006. You will receive it on this list serve.

5. Conference funding has been secured from OSU Extension ($4000), USFWS ($5000), Ore-Cal RC&D ($2,600) = $11,600 + $6,000-$9,000 will come in from registration= about $20,000 thus far

6. A proposal to the Rose Foundation is being submitted by June 30, 2006 for an additional $5000, Pacific Power has expressed interest, and so have 2-3 private companies. We need about $30,000 to make this happen. So we are looking for more funds. Contact me to get involved in this effort. Bob Gearhart- find any?

CALLING                 888-970-4191 
USE PASSCODE     43237

If you plan to attend- please RSVP to Lindsey Lyons ASAP so that she can make sure you are e-mailed a meeting agenda, the conference agenda (which will be discussed), and any other pertinent documents.

Now that the event is only five months away, it is imperative that I have a firm steering committee to guide my decisions and efforts. Since I began work on this in November, people have come and gone, and changed roles many times…. I don't feel comfortable in who is committed to what, and I certainly cannot do this alone…..

Please let me know if you are committed to this planning effort by the June 7, 2006 meeting so I can include your name in publications as a contributor (either time or financial), and can make sure the right people are getting the right info. Please also let me know if you have specific interests such as publicity, fundraising, agenda, communication etc.  Even if you haven't been participating-- YOU STILL CAN, just commit. Appoint someone..

We need lower basin tribe and watershed council representatives.

I appreciate your time and concern in this endeavor, and I hope to provide you with great services and leadership.


Lindsey T. Lyons
Watershed Resource Agent
Oregon State University Extension-Klamath County
3328 Vandenberg Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
(541)-883-7131 x 212





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