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 This was sent to the Chadwick stakeholders email list 6/22/05
Hello, everyone.
This is Theresa May, the playwright and theatre professor from Humboldt
State University.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all next week, and
meeting new faces too.  As many of you know, I have for the past 2 years
been working on a play with HSU students, tribal communities, and other
stakeholders.  So much of what you all have said and felt over the past
year and a half has helped inform the play and make it something that
truly represents the voice and heart of the WHOLE watershed. Some of you
heard a small portion of the script at the Chadwick gathering in Klamath
last spring. I welcome any thoughts and/or feedback that you had listening
to that reading. I know that our  time in Chilloquim will be very busy,
but I hope that I might talk with and interview a number of you for the
Meanwhile, this coming year we have a grant to produce two community
workshops for the play, times when members of the community will have
direct input into the dialogue, rehearsal and theatrical elements of the
play.  Then it's on to production -- but not by professional actors!
Instead, my goal is to have members of the watershed community involved in
the performance, telling their OWN stories to one another.  Please let me
know if you would be interested in this (Petey, you're on the list!)
looking forward to seeing you all!
Theresa May
PS -- I realize that we now have another playwright/photographer working
on a separate performance piece about the klamath, which is exciting! So I
realize you might have trouble keeping our projects straight.  Just shows
how much DRAMA there is in our watershed!






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