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May 27, 2005


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GREENVIEW- The responsibility is to "restore the river because itís the right thing to do." This sentiment was expressed by Bob Chadwick of Consensus Associates at a recent organizational meeting FOR the Tribal Trust workshop, slated for Saturday, June 18th at the Scott Valley Grange in Greenview. This workshop is being brought by the Scott River Watershed Council (SRWC) with a primary purpose of gaining knowledge, building bridges and finding common ground between tribes and stakeholders. The planning committee identified that "with a better understanding of tribal trust we will set the foundation for agreeing on a process to accomplish watershed wide restoration goals."

The June 18th Tribal Trust workshop will be a public forum facilitated by Bob Chadwick. Utilizing a conversational approach, attendees will be able to share knowledge and personal insight. A legal and historical overview will be presented by a field expert. Additionally, tribal representatives have been asked to present a brief reflection on the cultural importance of the river, tribal activities, such as fishing, and their understanding of Tribal Trust.

After attending previous Chadwick workshops in the Klamath, Ric Costales, Chairman of the SRWC gave this insight, offered to him by a Yurok tribal leader, " By treaty, the tribes have been given various things such as, in some cases, reservations and, in all cases, hunting, fishing and gathering rights. In protecting its fishing rights, tribes have been successful in legally making the obvious argument that fish need water. Not only that, but the water needs to be healthy for the fish. Federal laws exist to insure this."

Costales further explained his desire to bring this workshop to Scott Valley stating, "As Tribal Trust evolves , people need to move beyond the superficial emotional level that currently forms their opinions and seek a better factual historical and legal knowledge concerning that obligation. The SRWC will serve its responsibilities well, both to its natural resource focus and the communities we serve, by dispelling the ignorance and hereby at least help temper the emotion."

With the current increase of regulations on Coho bearing waterways, it is essential that stakeholders understand the laws at play. Tribal Trust- Crossroads and Possibilities is the workshop offering a respectful forum to discuss Native American rights, US government responsibilities to protect those rights, and the impact Tribal Trust agreements have on all water users. Everyone is welcome to attend this free workshop on Saturday, June 18th from 9am to 4:30pm at the Scott Valley Grange in Greenview. Lunch will be provided at a nominal fee. With respect for all in attendance, cameras as well as video and audio recording will not be permitted. For more information on taking part in this historic event, please contact Scott River Watershed Council at 468- 2487.






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