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Collier Project Table of Contents - The Headgates Game

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This smart map of the Klamath Watershed, constructed to scale, is located at the Collier Information and Interpretive Center on the bank of the Klamath River south of Hilt.

The original planning group consisted of representatives from the Department of the Interior, the Department of Agriculture, the Yurok, Hoopa and Karuk tribes, Oregon and California Departments of Fish & Game (appointed by their respective governors), and representatives of the counties through which that portion of the river flowed.

We at KBC scanned the planning packet for you to read and digest. We are privileged to be educated on how the planners believe the Klamath River is damaged, fish are sick because of loggers, miners and farmers, and we get to play a 2001 Game; you are the controller at the headgates. After reading the propaganda on the evils of resource users, would you turn off the water to those evil farmers?
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* Mt. Shasta Herald article, 'Many contributed to Collier interpretive project,' 1/24/07
* Collier Project Map 1
* Collier Project Map 2

Pg 1  Introduction, visitor experience
Pg 2 Intro continued: watershed info, things to do and see, cultural history
Pg 3 Watershed chapter
Pg 4 Watershed chapter continued
Pg 5 Watershed chapter continued
Pg 6 History chapter
Pg 7 History chapter continued
Pg 8 History chapter continued
Pg 9 Things to do and see
Pg 10 Things to do and see continued

Pg 1a Smartmap Content Appendix
Pg 2a Level 1: Preliminary content plan
What is a watershed? Significance of the Klamath Watershed?
Pg 3a Klamath River Basin Map
Pg 4a Water Cycle
Pg 5a Rain Shadow / Tradeoffs (how timber harvest screws up fish habitat)
Pg 6a Measurement and assessment / Sustainability
Pg 7a Dam Management chart
Pg 8a Level 2: Klamath Watershed beyond the basics / land ownership
Pg 9a Drought plans
Pg 10a Drought plans continued
Pg 11a Habitat restoration
Pg 12a Salmon spawning
Pg 13a Future plans
Pg 14a Level 3: Watershed advanced overview
Pg 15a Wilderness and trail maps
Pg 16a THE GAME: Storage & flow / monitoring technology. You the visitor are the dam manager, so with info given, when do you shut off water to the farmers...?
Pg17 a Photos of monitors / optimum salmon habitat
Pg 18a Visitors create a spawning ground with info given: water quality, stream flow, temperature, etc
Pg 19a Chinook run chart / future plans
Pg 20a Klamath watershed map


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