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Beyond National Security

Inside the Wire & Operating from Within

by John Martinez, Pioneer Press, October 17, 2007

A few years ago I wrote that Tijuana Mayor Hank Rohn was tied to the Arellano Felix cartel and that US Attorney General Janet Reno provided what appeared to many as a de facto shield to the Arellano Felix cartel through her power as the US Attorney General under the Clinton administration. Reno's, rather Clinton's, alleged de facto shield came in the form of discrediting an investigation known as "White Tiger."

Recently, the mainstream press reported that Hank Rohn, a target of the White Tiger investigation and current mayor of Tijuana, is tied to the Arellano Felix cartel via dirty cops and assassins. Hank Rohn's most important tie to the Arellanos, however, is through the son of an ex-governor of the Mexican state of Sinaloa, Rodolfo Sanchez Duarte. Sanchez Duarte was the liaison between the drug trade and one of the most powerful Mexican families called Grupo Hank.

Rodolfo Sanchez Duarte, with whom I worked with and knew personally, was tortured and murdered in Mexico by the same interests that tortured and murdered DEA agent Camarena a decade earlier. Rodolfo Sanchez Duarte's untimely death, like that of DEA agent Camarena, was an effort to conceal from public view the linkages among radical leftist student movements in the US and Mexico and their controlling participation in the drug trade, segments within the US Democrat leadership, and the Partido Revolucionario Instucional (PRI) in Mexico.

The untimely and tragic murder of Rodolfo Sanchez Duarte may have impeded a US investigation that tied together the Mexican left, Mexican federal officials, and the powerful drug cartels operating as a single network. The torture and murder of Sanchez Duarte was due in part to leaks within the Janet Reno Justice Department - - moles seemingly were working within the Reno Justice Department aiding and abetting the most ruthless and powerful narcotics interests operating from within the Mexican Federal government. In other words, it appears the Mexican cartels penetrated the very top levels of the US law enforcement community under Clinton's leadership. These same interests now operate with relative impunity across California due to deep penetration within the California Department of Justice, police departments statewide, and key state level officials. Local examples of this type of deep and high level corruption are evident by two frame jobs involving the California Department of Justice's Narcotics Task Force. Within the highest levels of the California Justice Department both Orjeinian from Weed Police Department and Pioneer Press Publisher Webster were framed. The reason they were framed was due to the fact that they threatened to disclose the California Department of Justice's intimate involvement with a multi-billion dollar marijuana trade financing numerous anti-American businesses and radical environmental groups.

The situation is much akin to guerrilla movements that have penetrated top government posts thereby blurring the lines between legality and corruption. The very legitimacy and integrity of our governing institutions hang in the balance as the drug cartels strengthen their grip over more and more public officials and business interests alike. This problem is particularly acute within the Emerald Triangle and California as a whole.

The White Tiger investigation would have led directly to left-wing radicals in Mexico and the US and their use of the drug trade to fund anti-US and anti-western movements both at home and abroad. Effectively, the investigation was going to create a paradigm shift in the war on drugs - a shift far too dangerous for dirty US civilian leadership. Why should Klamath Basin residents be concerned about Tijuana, White Tiger, leftist radicals or Reno? The US drug tsar recently visited Shasta County and made the following obvious statement - - international traffickers operating on US soil create a national security problem. What the drug tsar failed to mention altogether was that the narco-state we call Siskiyou County is the crown jewel within the greater separatist region known as the Emerald Triangle.

Someone, perhaps Sheriff Rick Riggins himself, needs to convince the drug tsar that Siskiyou County may have direct links to the drug cartels and the same left-wing groups that helped sponsor the drug trade in Mexico during the 1960s. Siskiyou County and the region as a whole is joined at the hip for the purpose of growing revolutionary movements in Mexico and the US through native separatists operating as political front men for leftist drug traffickers. Our region is helping fund assaults on delicate energy and governmental infrastructure in Mexico while corroding our own system of governance and economy from the inside out.

The second Mexican Revolution is quickly forming. The growing revolutionary movement in Mexico at this time is manifest as regional autonomous uprisings funded and fueled by narcotics. As time goes by, without swift and certain military intervention these decentralized movements will gain steam and legitimacy.

When these movements become legitimate in the eyes of impoverished Mexico, Mexico's ruling elite will succumb to pressures that not even the US Departments of State or Justice can counter. The Mexican elite, to save their own skin, will resort to whipping up anti-American Mexican nationalist sentiment in Mexico and the US - attempting to channel their violence away from their own interests by unleashing these movements against US interests. Siskiyou County dope plays a role in this overall scenario.

The Narco-funded movements in Mexico represent a new post Cold War strategy against US interests. The strategy disrupts US friendly democracies by undermining civilian security while simultaneously penetrating legitimate institutions of governance and law enforcement. This shift in strategy by former and current enemies is our nation's newest and most severe problem globally; Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombia, Guatemala just to name a few.

Again, why should we care? We should care because the Salmon River kingpins and radical native separatists in Happy Camp and Orleans are being protected by a handful of dirty cops, politicos, and California banking interests that may be influenced by the Mexican cartels themselves.

Locally, the drug trade has law enforcement plants within the Klamath River region overseeing counter-intelligence operations for narcotics networks. These locally protected networks are subsequently funding Mexico's rural-based insurgency movements and the growing number of ideologically inspired street gangs here in the US. The war is coming north. Failure to address the drug trade as an insurgency movement may throw our cities into flames. So much for your 401k and the price of hay.

The regional Mexican insurgencies mentioned above are very similar in structure and flavor to our own Klamath region drug trade - - dirty cops working hand in hand with radical Native separatists and leftwing ideologues seeking to upset local and regional economic health and balance. In this formula, the dirty cops get hand outs, the anti-western Native revolutionaries destroy economic infrastructure, and the socialists running the dope trade strengthen their grip over policy makers. It's a win win all around except for pro-western farmers, ranchers, and common folk unaffiliated with the drug trade - that's you, your family and friends.

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