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Ethanol plant is a move toward secure, reliable, affordable power

Herald and News letter by W D Kennedy, Klamath Falls

Yes on ethanol for Klamath Falls.

This is a welcome departure from the minor advocacy for more imported natural gas development in our air quality limited basin.

The Jan. 10 Herald and News editorial points out that ethanol production in Klamath can utilize our rail infrastructure, and most importantly, the crops grown in the Klamath Basin. This is part of a new direction for our irrigated agriculture.

One of the best crops grown in the world to produce ethanol is the sugar beet. The Klamath Basin can produce beets and also benefit from the byproduct of beet pulp.

Today, with the help of geothermal heat, a Klamath producer is taking the oil from canola and producing over one million gallons of pure bio-diesel.

Like the ethanol production from our croplands, this move away from imported energy relies on a secure, reliable source of affordable power and a secure, reliable source of irrigation water. This is the current essence of our national security.

We must have a reliable infrastructure for our industry. Our nation cannot afford to ignore the benefit of irrigated agriculture for our production of food, fiber and energy.

Kudos go to our forefathers for risking it all and developing our stored water. Thank you, God, for their great grandsons and daughters who risk it all today to grow power.

W.D Kennedy Klamath Falls


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