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Pioneer Press 11/29/06 by John Martinez

Siskiyou County drug trade and corruption

You always say how bad the drug trade and corruption is. Why don't you think about how much money is coming in and why there are no jobs so people need the pot.

The reason Siskiyou County, District 5 in particular, suffers from low employment is due directly to anti-western environmental policy. We have no jobs thanks in large part due to the policy advocated by groups ranging from the Karuk Tribe to the Klamath Forest Alliance and certain national Democrat leaders. No logs, no mining and soon no farming = no jobs.

Marijuana production has replaced or substituted legitimate employment within the county and again, particularly in the Fifth District. The marijuana trade has provided livelihoods to many of those that are without jobs due to environmental policy. Environmental policies have also supported the drug trade by removing forest-related jobs from the county. Fewer prying eyes, fewer jobs and easy money have fueled the dope trade.

The Haight & Ashbury hippies that moved into Siskiyou County brought with them the dope trade and the anti-war/radical environmental consciousness. Have any of the top players from the Haight & Ashbury movement ever been busted? The answer is no.

So, if we all know who the drug barons are and they never get busted isn't something strange. We have to look no further than certain local deputies, local Forest Service supervisors and behind the scenes local power brokers to find out who has betrayed the county and again particularly District 5.

The farmers and ranchers are getting blamed for the fish. Why are we not hearing about the nets and the big fishing companies?

This is the big question that no one at the policy or enforcement level wants to talk about. This question strikes at the heart of public corruption in California's state capitol, the environmental lobby and the morally bankrupt Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Very competent and intelligent political and economic advisors manage the Native Tribes. The goal of Native Tribes as sovereign nations is to maximize their political and economic power. Maximizing political and economic power is a rational endeavor for any nation state.

Forget about fish because the political and economic interests running the region's tribes are not interested in the fish - - It's the water. The goal of the tribes is to consolidate privately held water rights. Consolidation of private water rights is a tricky business. In order to consolidate existing water rights current water rights must be denied to certain classes of people. Farmers and ranchers and us little folks constitute these classes or current water right holders. Thus, the Tribes must do away with ownership classes or water rights holders in order to consolidate water rights under larger entities.

The environmental lobby is inextricably tied to major narco-traffickers that serve as both policy advocates and financial backing to "legitimate" lobbying efforts aimed at denying farmers and ranchers water rights. Forget about the fish.

If the fish really mattered we would not see Tribes raping the fisheries with gill nets, Tribes wholesaling to Asian fish cartels, environmentalists dumping drug related production chemicals into pristine creeks and of course we'd see a tremendous effort to establish hatcheries in each tributary of each river. The goal is to strip you of your rights using the debauchery of corrupted state level officials caught up in a racketeering conspiracy.

The questions are: Who among us has the power, influence and friends to protect local drug barons from California Department of Justice investigations? Who has the power to unleash the California Department of Justice on a frame job and get the DOJ to overlook, invent and commit unconstitutional acts to protect local narco-traffickers and environmentalists from a prying press?

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