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How Much Water Do You Need to Grow a Hamburger?

August 2007 Science Picks, USGS

How Much Water Do You Need to Grow a Hamburger? About 1,300 gallons —
   for the vegetation the cow eats, for the cow to drink, for processing
   the meat, and the cow might need a bath or two! These are fast facts
   available on the USGS Water for Schools Web site,
   http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu. Maps, data, pictures and challenge
   questions, a glossary of water terms and other useful links are
   available. The entire site is available in Spanish, and special section
   “The Water Cycle” has been translated into 50 languages. For more
   information on water or water resources and tools contact Jennifer
   LaVista at (703) 648-4432 or jlavista@usgs.gov.

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