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Letters by editors Karla Davenport from iSpyRadio.com, and

Captain William E. Simpson, MyOutdoorBuddy.com

regarding Rejection of Nomination of Cong. Ryan Zinke as Interior Secretary, Western States Constitutional Rights, LLC, letter to Alaska U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, Chairwoman, Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, posted to KBC 2/4/17.

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Letter by editor Karla Davenport from iSpyRadio.com

"Iím not real familiar with Ryan Zinke, but I know there are folks in his own state who are not excited about his nomination and have had conflict with him.  My understanding is that the biggest issue that is affecting those relationships is his belief that the federally held lands in western states should remain in federal control.  And Iíve heard Trump say the same.  But, of course, for both of them itís for different reasons than Obamaís and the far-left.

Both Zinke and Trump believe that the federally held lands should be protected so that they are open for hunters, grazing, and recreational use to the public, as well as, mineral and energy mining.  There are other conservatives who feel somewhat the same such as Lars Larson, although he feels the land should go back to the states but not allowed to be sold into private ownership, if I remember correctly.  The biggest fear for all of them is that the state government will want to reduce debt by taking the lands and selling them to private interest who will keep the general public out of them shut down any commercial use.  And in some ways I can understand that because far-left non-profits have billions of dollars to come in and buy huge chunks of land. 

So for the conservative side, we all have common intent, protect the lands for all, but weíre approaching it from different policy directions.  I think there has to be a policy way for the federal government to pass a law with a policy that the lands are used, mined, etc., with state oversight.  And private interests can lease the property for logging, grazing, and mining but they pay normal property tax rates under that lease agreement and keep it open for public use. In return public holds the leasee harmless for any liability, etc. To me it would protect everybody and get away from having unproductive lands.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Zinkeís climate change approach isnít that far off and I think heíll be very supportive of Trumpís position of skepticism.  I do know people who know him personally think heís an extremely honorable and smart man.  For me, it would be better to have a known person appointed that will be open to otherís point of views and I think Zink is someone who will listen."

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Captain William E. Simpson, MyOutdoorBuddy.com 2/4/17

I don't agree with Lisa Murkowski's positions on many subjects and she is clearly left of center on several important issues, including the education of American youth, as we have seen as of late in regard to opposition of Trump's nomination for Secretary of Education.

She also killed a very important bill (H.R. 5026) for protecting Americans and our national energy grid from EMP attack and instead opted for a clean energy bill:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHG8zcM-jU0

This, in the face of Obama's Islamic resettlement agenda into America, where his team, in strategic cooperation with CAIR, have targeted American cities that have historically been the stronghold cities of American patriots. Cities such as Irvin Texas, Boise Idaho, Twin Falls Idaho and the former iron-belt states, where Islamists have now have garnered significant political control as a result of their population foothold in these, and other cities and states across America. Folks, we have a serious issues with the Muslims who have already infiltrated our homeland.






So IMHO, these folks up in Montana (WESTERN STATES CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, LLC ) aren't helping 'Americans' by encouraging Murkowski... They should instead be working with folks in Alaska to help unseat her ASAP.  She is left-leaning and not helpful to supporting our newly elected President.

They should also be very concerned about the establishment of Muslim enclaves in and around Montana (and across America), and the infiltration of Sharia law into our local and national legislative processes, as well as the indoctrination of America's youth into the Muslim socialist theocracy, which is a political and religious system that is counter to our U.S. Constitution and American traditions.

True Muslims are Islamists, that's what 'being' a practicing Muslim means. It's is not a term for peoples of other religious faiths who originate in various geographic regions, such as Persia; they are Persians. I have a friend who renounced the Islamic faith, and who identifies as an American, but was born in Persia.

If you are interested in learning more about what the followers of Islam (Muslims) believe, here is an article that will help... it should be noted that ISIS, ISL and IS (all the same) are true believers of the Islamic faith, so they are 'Muslims'. 


Thanks for inviting me to opine, I hope you find it helpful.

Cheers!  Bill
Capt. William E. Simpson II - USMM Ret.

Member:  Authors Guild
Columnist: MyOutdoorBuddy.com
Writer: Western Journalism



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