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Stop the pork….NO on Prop. 1

Assembly Bill 1471 …analysis by Rex Cozzalio, member of the Siskiyou County Water Users Association
October 26, 2014

Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014

A.B. 1471, also known as Prop 1, despite its reasonable sounding Title and description, in reality provides little to nothing of the inferred promises.  Offering NO guarantee of additional water available for human use, its actual primary purpose deceptively and irreversibly imposes resource confiscation and a ‘re-wilding’ agenda upon the very public indebting themselves to fund it, accomplished through the following:

Effectively usurps private and local determination, use, and allocation of all water in the State of California.

Solidifies that unfettered unaccountable funded power of water and policy decision, use, priority, and allocation into the hands of the governor, the governor’s appointed ‘Commissioners/Boards’, their State Regulatory Agencies, and the essentially unalterable environmentalist directives empowered by this Act.

In conjunction with the Groundwater Management Act recently signed into law by the Governor, executes the effective confiscation of water and bureaucratic ‘management’ through both grant-based extortion and direct regulation by the State forcing local agencies to relinquish local determination and instead become the State policy enforcement arm requiring monitoring and taking of individual rights, dictating private property usage, and collecting ‘fees’ from those affected citizens to cover all imposed ‘groundwater management and mitigation costs’ as determined by the State Agencies.

Mandates that the vast majority of billions further indebting the State will be used to ensure theoretical, frequently failed boilerplate environmental agenda purpose, limiting public and private resources, options, and benefits, with the ONLY ‘sustainable’ water assured for public use within the Act being through the funded imposition of an arbitrarily forced 20% urban water reduction from PRIOR years by 2020 upon the public regardless of population increase.

Even the 250 million dedicated for infrastructure repairs amounts to barely over 3% of the Act’s billions dedicated to special interest purpose, improvements more directly and cost effectively addressed through project specific means.

Despite the rhetoric, funds for ‘storage’ are the ONLY Bond funds NOT mandated to be spent.  Those funds are subject to appointed Commission decision under directed environmental use policy requiring a minimum of 50% private funding to even occur.  Under the policy mandates virtually EVERY PUBLIC DOLLAR spent for additional stored water will ONLY be used for environmental agenda, leaving ANY water available for human use paid for by private funds. In fact, Prop 1 even funds the REMOVAL of sound and beneficial existing Dams.  With NO additional water actually guaranteed within the Act to ‘sustain’ humans, the conditionally defined requirements for allowed ‘storage’ are just as likely to REDUCE functional human water availability.

If the legislators supporting this Bill believe their own rhetoric, they DID NOT read the Bill, otherwise, they are LYING.  READ THE BILL!  Discard the rhetoric and examine the actual impacts.  VOTE NO ON PROP 1!



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