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Prop 1 Water Storage Bond Facts

Red comments are by Rex Cozzalio October 26, 2014


·       Proposition 1 provides $2.7 billion in funding for water storage projects critical to California's future.


Deceptive.  Under the Policies mandated by this Act, virtually EVERY PUBLIC DOLLAR for increased storage will be dedicated to resource confiscation and ‘environmental’ agenda purpose.  In addition, any storage is conditionally based upon the project approval by policy directed appointed ‘Commissioners’ requiring at least 50% ‘matching’ private funds for that ‘consideration’ to even occur. 


·       Proposition 1 will provide more water for all Californians. Almost 40 percent of the bond funds are committed to new water storage.


Under the limiting conditions for any ‘storage’ project approval, only a portion of the privately funded portion of additional stored water would likely be assured available for human use, as defined by the private investors.


·       Proposition 1 provides nearly as much investment for storage as the previous water bond while eliminating wasteful "pork" projects.


Two wrongs do not make a right.  Reducing insane special interest pork in favor of the merely unconscionable, particularly in the face of fiscal irresponsibility, does NOT make this imposed environmental and political agenda a responsible choice.


·       Proposition 1 insures that money for water storage projects cannot be blocked by the Legislature in the future. Investment in storage will be continuously appropriated for its intended purpose - new water storage!


Not said is that the ‘storage’ portion of funding actually ‘blocked’ from legislative alteration is the environmental policy driven unelected ‘Commissioners’ decisions regarding the use of funds and the ‘mitigating’ conditions demanded from them for approval. 


·       Proposition 1 will cost nearly $4 billion less than the bond passed by the legislature in 2009.


Again, a LESSER evil does not make a BETTER evil.  The estimated additional debt of over $14 Billion dollars upon a State already verging on insolvency is STILL irresponsible, ESPECIALLY when that debt does NOT guarantee additional water for human use, but DOES guarantee enforced water restrictions exceeding 20% upon the urban public.


·       Proposition 1 and the critical water storage it will provide is the result of united Republican Legislators working together to help secure California's future water needs.


The only thing Prop 1 ‘secures’ is the politically benefitting continued irresponsible fiscal and environmental agenda furthering the demise of our State and the oppression of her people.   


 Rex is a generational farmer and rancher who has lived his whole life on the Klamath River – before and after the clean green energy dams were built.

He's flown to DC many times to try and educate our politicians on the junk science being used and rammed through to destroy 4, in-perfect-condition, hydroelectricity, clean, green, Renewable energy dams.  He is also a member of the Siskiyou County Water Users Association.



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