It should be a battle of ideas, not insults

Herald and News letter by Donald Crawford, Klamath Falls 4/13/16

Speaker of the House in Congress, Paul Ryan, recently gave a speech entitled “Politics is a battle of Ideas, not Insults.”
The liberal political rhetoric in Klamath County reminds me of bad politics and insults.
It centers around the filing of Republicans Dennis Linthicum for Senate District 28 and E. Werner Reschke for House District 56 three minutes before 5 p.m. Legal, not stealth filing.
On top of it all, it was also said that Sen. Doug and Rep. Gail Whitsett colluded with Dennis and Werner to withdraw their previous filing for both offices: Disingenuous character assassination of Doug and Gail who served with distinction for years in the state legislature. Their motto, “If no one stand up for Rural Oregon, nobody will.”
Thank you, Doug and Gail, for for standing tall in the saddle. Don’t ride ride into the sunset just yet. Continue to be our political elder statesman and woman now and for years to come.
Train and raise a new generation of conservative Republican thinkers!
The Democrat and liberal Republican throwback politicians, winners and wannabes screamed and kicked up old political dust and musk. What’s that smell? Together they collaborated to file write-in campaigns for state senator and House representative only in the general election.
They had six months to file for the primary election.
Remember: Politics is the battle of ideas and not insults — like conservative Republican principles and ideas.
Join with me to elect Dennis Linthicum for state senator and E. Werner Reschke for state representative in the Republican primary and general elections. I think that is a great idea and is good politics.
Donald Crawford