Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

                   Research:    Why is this happening to us? 


        Agenda 21

Herald and News, who controls your local newspaper?  see research notes

Below:  This is a series of links to articles, opinions and web sites that may shed some light on why we have to fight this battle over our water. It reflects research into a subject matter that perhaps is not well know by the public. It will attempt to explain why the green movement is so strong and waging this war,  and why the major media is against us. And perhaps, with your help, arrive at some ideas on how to do battle.  

Beginning reading:  these links will be at random as I find them, some may be more important than others, some may not reflect this sites opinion, some may be difficult to understand, or even to believe. Please bear with me during the course of this project, it will develop and hopefully become well honed.     Please help with this page by sending opinions and your research links,  email.  

I am starting with Globalization, which I think may be one of the major forces behind the current green movement

subject #1 .... Globalization, What are we fighting

JBS ( John Birch Society ) has a few thoughts on the subject for example.  

Pressure From Above and Below, by William F. Jasper    article link
good introduction piece, written in 1993,  he is speaker for JBS and getting the US out of the UN. 
see The New American    and the  JDS website    also google "William F. Jasper"   for more

A few links to references from the above article:
  CFR ( Council on Foreign Relations ),  can you read between the lines? see FAQ to start
the Trilateral Commission   Rockefeller Family Fund    Rockefeller Brothers Fund   
Rockefeller Foundation    Ford Foundation  MacArthur Foundation  
World Resources Institute   Resources for the Future  Worldwatch Institute 
Environmental Law Institute Natural Resources Defense Council  Friends of the Earth  Wilderness Society Nature Conservancy  Environmental Defense Fund.

To this I am adding: 
the Economic Strategy Institute, which is all about Globalization
( see mission, directors, donors and advisors, all on FAQ page ) 

More to come ..... 



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