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 Felice Pace is connected to -- 

This is in the Siskiyou County at the top of the State of California.

The Pioneer Press, a weekly and privately-owned newspaper, grants permission for this article to be copied and forwarded.

Pioneer Press, Fort Jones, California Wednesday, April 14, 2004  Vol. 32, No. 22 Page 5, column 2

Submitted by Liz Bowen, Assistant Editor of Pioneer Press

By Pace's own statement, there is a connection
There is a close link between the Klamath Forest Alliance (KFA) the Karuk Tribe of California and the Salmon River Restoration Council.

Felice Pace, who was then the executive director as well as a board of director of KFA, reported "Accomplishments in 1995 and the first part of 1996" in the Klamath River Protection Program Report - October 1996. He boasted of the --

"Formation of the Salmon River Restoration Council by joint action of KFA and the Karuk Tribe. For its first two years KFA acted as fiscal agent for the Council which has now become an independent non-profit corporation."

The Articles of Incorporation, filed with Bill Jones, California Secretary of State, on Feb. 24, 1995, for the Salmon River Restoration Council read much the same as the Klamath Forest Alliance.

The council was also established as "A California Public Benefit Corporation."

Peter Brucker has spoke to many watershed, county, state and federal groups and agencies as a representative of the Salmon River Restoration Council. He now sits on the RAC, federal Resource Advisory Council, at the Klamath National Forest level representing the council.

For many years, Brucker has also been involved in the Klamath Basin Fisheries Task Force, a committee appointed through the Klamath Act by the U.S. Congress in 1986.

Witnesses also attest that Brucker has been active as a director and representative of Klamath Forest Alliance on occasions.

Currently, Brucker is not listed on the STATEMENT BY DOMESTIC NONPROFIT CORPORATION submitted by the council to the Secretary of State and filed on Jan. 23, 2003, but Toz Soto is listed as the chief executive officer. Soto is a member of the Karuk Tribe and works for the Tribe as a biologist in its Department of Natural Resources.

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