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Words from Webster Scream, Felice, Scream

Pioneer Press, Fort Jones, CA  September 20, 2006 

I've heard Felice Pace scream before. I know he can.

Typically, he rants and raves about farmers and ranchers taking and polluting water for the fish. He yells about loggers cutting down trees in our forests.

Nearly everything that comes out of his mouth and spewed from his pen is bull - an outright lie. Yet, the media still eats it up. Yes, the Klamath Falls Barrel of Snews still gives him thousands of dollars of ink to weave his web of untruth. So why is Felice Pace so silent when it comes to the actual environmental devastation brought about by the drug lords who are cutting down trees, poaching wildlife and polluting our streams and rivers?

Why won't our biggest environmental wacko and his green thugs go after the Mexican drug cartels?

A while back, the Pioneer Press published a hard hitting article about the environmental ruin brought about by the large marijuana plantations. We contacted several key environmental groups in our area, who purport to look after the Klamath River. They would either not comment or claim they knew nothing about the environmental impact of the marijuana grows. How odd. I sat in court and listened with my own ears to the sworn, under oath, testimony regarding Felice Pace's use and distribution of marijuana. The California Attorney General did nothing with that testimony.

So, why doesn't Felice scream about this?

-Daniel Webster
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