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TESRA, the ESA and the Truth
October 24, 2005
By Julie Kay Smithson propertyrights@earthlink.net
Kelo v. New London jerked the blinders from Americans. It proved: Yes, It Can Happen in Your Back Yard.

An ESA on steroids will negatively impact your property rights and freedom. The answer that actually saves American resource providers and property rights is Total and Full Repeal of the Endangered Species Act. TESRA would make resource providing a paragraph in a history book. 

The answer is not TESRA. Total Repeal is the only honest answer to the scourge that has sought to wipe America's slate of her faithful and honorable, hardworking private property owners and the real stewards of species, both great and small.

A thoughtful read of the words that make up this acronym -- The Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005 -- should, in and of itself, run up a raft of Red Flags.

Nothing in the ESA is being "reformed" -- unless by using that word the meaning is: "Made more Draconian" and made worse so as to remove more and more resource providers from their ability to provide. Newly added -- but never defined -- phrases like "Candidate Species" and "Monitor Species" also smack of the Intent to strip more and more property rights from those already made into the REAL endangered species: farmers, fishermen, loggers, miners, and ranchers. This is NOT about "saving" any alleged "endangered" or "threatened" specie. If it were, it would be giving back to private ownership (and I do NOT mean to "The Nature Conservancy" or to "land trusts")

TESRA, like the ESA, is a freedom stealer. It is not about "saving" anything. It is about Controlling Everything. We must not allow Any Version of the ESA to continue adding pages to Victim Directories http://www.propertyrightsresearch.org/2005/articles05/victimsdirectoriesfrms.htm

Tom DeWeese (American Policy Center), Margaret Byfield (Wayne Hage's daughter, Stewards of the Range & Liberty Matters), Oregon attorney Jim Buchal, Leo Schwartz (The Virginia Land Rights Coalition), R.J. Smith (Competitive Enterprise Institute) and others, have valid concerns that continue to be “untouchable” by most media. This fact only gives our concerns more credibility.

There is so much to lose with TESRA -- far worse than the ESA -- and so much to gain and regain by Total Repeal of the ESA. Every recreationist in America will see the loss of access for recreation continue, until there is no access left. It's called incrementalism. It's like a slow-acting poison, but the end result is the same.

Many, many people have been hoodwinked by Language Deception, which speaks volumes for its employment as a weapon of mass destruction.

Wouldn't we call almost six million acres of forest -- and the homes and ways of life that have gone up in smoke in America, this year alone -- mass destruction? Where are the self-proclaimed "environmentalists" and their hue and cry when 6,000,000 acres of supposedly prized "habitat" burns? Ah, they are silent, and that silence speaks volumes.

Continued incremental taking of the water responsibly utilized by farmers and irrigators to grow food to feed us all, is another means of Control of Land, Water and People, thereby Taking Property Rights and Freedom.

This is a warning to all resource providers (ranchers, farmers, irrigators, loggers, miners, commercial fishermen) that the Intent, Plan, Agenda, etc., is to rid America of all that dare think they have property rights and should be able to responsibly utilize resources.

Many in positions of power intend to eradicate everyone who owns an operational farm, hatchery, forest, mine, mill, ranch, etc. TESRA is one of their tools.

Those seeking more information on this abomination known as TESRA and its hidden dangers, please visit http://www.propertyrightsresearch.org/esaframes.htm at your earliest convenience.

We can gift current and future generations of Americans with the twin gifts of property rights and freedom -- but we have much educating of elected officials yet to do.

TESRA is worse than the ESA and Saves Nothing, while expanding to Control Everything.

And that is the Truth.




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