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Bull Trout

 by Rudy Hiley, Tulelake

Mary Bradbury holds an important place in history. Condemned for witchcraft during the American colonial period, she received a stay of execution and pardon from the governor when he learned that her conviction wasnít based on anything of substance. The body of evidence used against her basically consisted of rumors, dreams, visions and apparitions (unfounded and unsupported opinions). As it turned out, the false accusations, which lead to her predicament, got their start in the mind of a jilted suitor. In no time at all there was a lot of false bad stuff out there about Mary. Soon she found her life and everything associated with it literally at stake. Mary Bradbury could probably relate well to the plight of the many oppressed citizens of the Klamath Basin who see their whole kit and caboodle at the stake as well. You know, it goes something like this, "surrender your land and your livelihood and your homes to us or we will destroy you"Ö Ms. Bradbury most likely came to fully appreciate the destructive weight of misguided and misapplied passion and power, not to mention the danger of fishy bull. As it turned out, the only dark evil involved in her trial, conviction and death sentence was to be found on the part of her accusers. Supposedly, after that time and because of her case, visions, apparitions, dreams and the like (unfounded, unsupported, and un-provable opinions) were no longer to be allowed as evidence in a court of law. Supposedly.

Ironically, the latest weapon in the Green-Red/ Red-Green war against anything good, honest, moral or productive is appropriately named the Bull Trout. It should be pretty well known that arenít any Bull Trout in Klamath or Agency Lakes anymore. Yet that minor detail doesnít seem to excuse portions of the Klamath Basin from being potentially designated as critical BULL Trout habitat. The logic (?) seems to be that there COULD HAVE BEEN a Basin MIGRATORY Bull CORRIDOR for those Marxist Trout at one time; Iím sorry ĖI meant to say Bull Trout. Iím not sure, does that make the opiniac reasoning behind the pending critical habitat designation a dream, rumor, vision or an apparition? Apparition I guess; yet false and malicious rumors against the agricultural community and hippie drippy dreamy visions for what they thievingly refer to as the everglades of the west (what we call home) do seem to play a big part in forming their final opinions and decisions (you know, things with lots of bio, and precious little substance). As history now sadly repeats itself, those are just the sort of things that Halloween creatures in black robes are ever more frequently using, to tie us country folk to the stake.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, did you know that Bully Trout are dwellers of deep and cold waters? They well could have been there years ago, when the lake was deep and cold and clear. Unfortunately thatís back before Mt. Mazama blew up and filled in those deep places with hunks, chunks, and ton upon tons of fertilizer (that stuff called phosphorus). You wonít see that information confusing their opinions though. Then again maybe thatís best, otherwise they may be trying to spend taxpayers hard earned money to rehabilitate Crater Lake back into Mt. Mazama. I am just sure that there was some form of "Öbirds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures" that made their homes on those steep slopes. The way the republic has been devolving, it is not impossible that an earth movement like that could begin to let loose. Sure, the legislative branch tells us that you can not make a critical habitat designation except that it were prudent, determinabull or would benefit the species, yet the constitutional rights shattering and oddly superior judicial branch seems to be capable of some pretty weird stuff anymore!

Oh well, hope you had a happy Halloween and please be careful next time around because that Bull Trout costume ringing your door might just be another green-red or red-green monster in disguise.

Rudy Hiley

Jefferson Nation Common Sense Conservatory

When I look at the Fish and Wildtale Services recent Bull Trout incursion into the rights and freedom of American citizens, I canít help but think that their name should include the words like VISIONS, APPARATIONS, OPINIONS AND INCURSIONS.





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