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Horse Brigade--Headgate Cavalry
for the July 17 Congressional ESA Hearing

Meet at 6 - 6:30 AM. Ready to ride at 7:30 AM at Veteran's Park.

Dress in Cavalry tee shirts and yellow or gold neck scarf, blue jeans if possible - (look like a cavalry)

If you don't have a cavalry tee shirt, one will be provided at the rally meeting place. You may make a donation for them if you wish (money will help pay for the rally)

Decorate horses if possible blue and gold or red, white and blue.

Horse trailers park at field behind Veteran's Park field owned by Timber Mill Shores--Rob Shaw.

Bring and carry US flag if possible

For information or help:

Jon Hall ----------884-6049, or 892-2814
Pam Hathorn-----882-6141
Cheryl Dryer-----883-7524
Jan Heiney-------winnieh@cot.net 





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